New ConservaBlogs!

I love it when I’m handed a new URL to blog about. Today, thanks to my moving over from Blogger, I too am now hosting my own blog here at But I’m certainly not alone in the move.

My new blog will focus on blogging tips and tricks for the ConservaBlogger community, with a hint of marketing and Conservative blogger networking. I’ll also be following the blogging industry and social networking in general.

Next, we have an excellent writer whom has done quite a bit of blogging in the past with another host, but that host unfortunately fell through and he was forced to hang his hat up for a season or two. Thanks to our free Wordpress Hosting, Jeff Michael now has a new home online and we look forward to helping him share his message and opinions on whatever comes to mind.

Be sure and give Jeff Michael over at Common Sense Conservatism a visit and don’t forget to grab his feeds for future reference.

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