(Reno, NV) - Conservative bloggers finally have an alternative to Liberal hosting by Google and other major platform providers. is preparing to come out of beta stage to fully launch a free Wordpress blog hosting service that will certainly turn some heads.

The new Conservative blog network is powered by the award winning, world class blogging software, Wordpress. Unlike most blog hosting companies such as Google, Typepad, Townhall, and others, ConservaBlogs gives the blogger full access to his/her blog. Users can edit anything on the site, import themes, install plugins, publish Google Adsense to help make a little money while at it, and basically customize the entire blog until it is exactly the way they want it.

ConservaBlogs founder and CEO, Eric Odom, is no stranger to the blogosphere. Odom is the Executive director for the upcoming Conservative Bloggers Convention, Blogging Man 2007. “Building a network such as this fits perfectly with our agenda of dominating the blogosphere with the right message in 2008” said Odom.

Among the many benefits of using the free Wordpress hosting provided by ConservaBlogs is the fact that users will have to do very little to market their blogs to the political realm of the internet. has staff dedicated to SEO, blog marketing, and public relations in general.

The network is bringing in a blogosphere newcomer, Tony James, to work on the marketing and SEO side of the project. James previously worked as an online marketing consultant for a major US banking firm, and fully understands the importance of the blogosphere and the direction it’s headed in. is still in beta; However, the site is accepting new bloggers daily and welcomes anyone with a Conservative based opinion to apply.


Please feel free to distribute this press release in its full form. For more information please contact Eric Odom. eric AT conservablogs DOT com

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