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ConservaBlogs makes the Human Events Blogroll!

A lot of Internet action, specifically the action that takes place within the blogosphere, tends to evolve around links and networks of links within blog pages. Because of this, any blogger who fully understands the way it all works should drool over solid links from reputable sources. This is why we’re happy to find the latest set of links coming our way originate at online political news giant, Human Events Online.

ConservaBlogs can now be seen in the sidebar blogroll at The Right Angle, Hillary Watch, Capital Briefs, Gizz-ette, The Ballot Box, and Human U Events.

Human Events was one of the first resources added to our home page news sources links list so the favor has already been returned.

Thanks for the link love, Human Events!

-Eric Odom

ConservaBlogs and the State of the Union Address

Media: Bush’s ‘Flawed’ Portrayal of ‘The Enemy’ in State of the Union Address
In response to president Bush’s State of the Union Address, the Washington Post’s main criticism seems to be that Bush doesn’t understand who “the enemy” is in the Global War on Terror. Yet as the Post proceeds to knock what they perceive as Bush’s simple minded rhetoric with today’s news article they only reveal it is they, rather, that has no idea who our enemies are.

Bush’s Speech
The State of the Union speech is another attempt to literally show “we the people”, just what our President thinks of us. “STUPID, DUMB AMERICANS, SWALLOW WHAT I SAY AND SHUT UP!”

The only part worthwhile was the end when we saw the occulates to the brave Americans who TRULY did contribute benefits to our citizenry. Look, I voted for the moron twice, shame on me! But quiet I will not be! I gave him every benefit but alas, he screwed me twice over and now I have to live with two more years of the idiocy we’ve inherited from this administration.

Stream of Consciousness Reaction to the SOTU

Not exactly live blogging, but more overall impressions as they are being formed. Be aware that many of these thoughts will be incomplete or only partially articulated.

Leading up to this, I have to say that I am not looking forward to what I’m going to hear, based on what I have heard reported ahead of time.

Bush Proposal To Punish The Insured
Under a Bush proposal to be presented in the president’s state of the union address, those whose health insurance plans cost employers $15,000 or more could face higher taxes if they do not switch to less costly plans.

Blogging The State of the Union Address
It is always tough to blog a speech like that for me because I just don’t type fast enough to keep up. What I have blogged is what I could keep up with and what I felt was important.

First off, I think the President did a great job of speaking tonight. It is no secret he has bumbled and fumbled while speaking in the past. He had no particular speaking challenges tonight.

New surge of ConservaBlogs

On behalf of and Citizen Outreach, I would like to welcome our newest bloggers!

-Richard Disney, who formerly blogged using Google Blogger. His old blog can be seen here.

-Joe Enge, President of EdWatch Nevada, has decided to join the blogosphere with his new blog.

-Todd Zuccato, who also is now a former Google blogspot user, is moving his blog onto our servers.

-Jill Nicholson ( is now a part of the family.

-Mark Warden is about to go live with Budget Watch Nevada

Eric Odom

FREE Blogs for Conservatives/Libertarians


(Washington, DC) - Citizen Outreach announced today a new blogging project,, in which any conservative/libertarian individual, candidate, public official, party leader or organization can get their very own blog, completely designed and set up, including hosting…FREE.

“If you’ve heard of blogging but aren’t quite sure what it is, or know what it is but didn’t quite know how to design your own, or knew how to set up your own blog but couldn’t afford it, have we got a program for you,” said Eric Odom, Director of Internet Operations at Citizen Outreach. “ConservaBlogs will result in a huge ’surge’ of new limited-government, constitutional voices in the blogosphere.”

Here are the details…
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New ConservaBlog: Muth’s Truth’s

Chuck Muth, director and founder of Citizen Outreach, the group that oversees, has just launched Muth’s Truth’s. Like any new blog, it’s bland and will still be a few days before we get to see some post action, but once things get fired up you’ll certainly want to keep an eye on Chuck’s new blog.

When Chuck Muth puts his fingers to the keys politicians tremble. Trust me, this is going to be good!

Eric Odom Management

Full steam ahead!

The recent merge with Citizen Outreach has prompted us to speed up the progress of ConservaBlogs. Thanks to this “surge” (don’t you just love that word?) forward, we’re now ready to offer free Wordpress hosting to any Conservative/Libertarian blogger.

To get started, simply fill out this form. We’ll have your new blog installed and ready to go within 24 hours.

Have a great weekend!

-Eric Odom