Wells Fargo vs. 18 year old nightmare

I know I’ve been posting heavily towards the Wells Fargo and Bank of America illegal immigrant schemes, but the majority of our homepage traffic is coming from Google and related search terms. So until that traffic dies down a little I’ll continue posting this kind of thing so there is constantly something new to read.

The latest news on Wells Fargo’s headache is an 18 year old who is on then like white on rice.

Cyrus Rafizadeh, the 18-year-old founder of Predatorix.com, is spearheading a lawsuit against Wells Fargo’s mortgage divisions, attacking their unethical and illegal practices. His website documents all of this, and Wells Fargo is scared. He’s currently being followed by their private investigators.

The story hit the front page of Digg and received more than 600,000 visits in a single day. We all know Bank of America and Wells Fargo are flat out anti-American, but this kind of stuff is just down right wrong.

-Eric Odom

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