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Are Democrats afraid of Democrats?

This just in from GOPUSA.

Edwards, Clinton, other Democrats said to fear party activists
(AgapePress) — A former GOP presidential candidate says the controversy surrounding two liberal bloggers for Democrat John Edwards’ presidential campaign gives Americans a window into the powerful far-left blogosphere. Gary Bauer also says the controversy highlights the fear top Democratic politicians have for far-left activists within their own party.

Two Edwards campaign bloggers recently resigned amid protests over their history of vulgar and bigoted comments directed at Catholics and Christians. Although Senator Edwards acknowledged the statements were offensive, he initially decided not to fire the two women saying, before they quit, that he kept them on staff to give them “a fair shake.”

American Values president Gary Bauer says the scandal will not immediately sink Edwards’ campaign, but that it does set a “marker.”

“It tells us something about the mindset of Senator Edwards and his top campaign people,” he says. “And my experience in over 35 years in politics and in Washington has been that once a politician makes this kind of a misjudgment you’ll see it over and over again — and if the pattern continues, then I think, yes, it will doom his chances.”

But what Edwards’ hesitancy does demonstrate, says Bauer, is that Democratic presidential candidates are “scared to death” of left-wing activists operating websites like and the Democratic Underground.
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Move over BofA… Wells Fargo also supports illegal immigration

Not only does Wells Fargo support illegal immigration via allowing people in violation of US law by simply BEING HERE to apply and be approved for loans WITHOUT social security numbers, unlike Bank of America, Wells Fargo has been doing it for YEARS!

As we all know, Bank of America has been getting a lot of attention over its recent announcement to allow illegal immigrants to apply for credit cards and home loans without a social security number. The story has been tossed back and forth on Fox News and most major media outlets, and is starting to pick up steam across the web. But as a former employee of Wells Fargo, I have to wonder why only now is the media interested in this?

I remember several years ago getting a few “briefings” on my desk that were basically attempts to justify why rumors that certain Southern Cailfornia branches were approving home loans without social security numbers or proof of LEGAL residence were indeed try. Not only did these documents state that is was happening, it also contained a level of pride and included notes of support for illegal immigration advocates and groups that are politically active and known as illegal alien supporters. These letters basically encouraged employees to embrace illegal immigration and take pride in the fact that the bank was “helping” this market by offering home loans even if the potential customer was breaking the law by just being on our soil.

Want to take it a step further? Sure why not? To make matters worse, Wells Fargo openly admitted to its employees that LOWER INTEREST RATES WERE BEING OFFERED TO CUSTOMERS WITHOUT SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS!!!

If for some twisted reason this isn’t enough to get your blood boiling, how about the fact that the bank served special food and gave away prizes for Cinco De Mayo, yet forced me to remove a 6 inch Christmas tree from my desk three days before Christmas? Oh and if your argument is that the bank may have rules against decorations, perhaps you can explain why the BANK ITSELF took the liberty of hanging a witch decoration ABOVE MY DESK during Halloween!

Need more to see that Bank of America isn’t alone on this? This story was written back in 2001. Where was the media outcry? These stories seem to have slipped past the radar as well.

Need even more proof? Watch this video.

So I think if Fox News and other major media outlets are going to go after Bank of America, they should at least have the courtesy of including competitors who are guilty of the same.

Am I wrong?

-Eric Odom

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UPDATE: This just in from a reader

FYI, as a Wells Fargo employee for over five years, from 2001-2006, I was one of many who questioned the bank’s outreach to residents without social security numbers. As an attempt to stymie employee concerns, Wells Fargo likes to issue talking points to address potential questions. They issue talking points whenever an unfavorable change in policy, internal or customer relevant, is implemented. In this instance, the bank’s position on the issue maintained that it is the Federal government’s responsibility to enforce the law whereas it is part of Wells Fargo’s vision & values to provide financial solutions in order to be recognized as a premier financial services company.

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