Velvet Hammer Joins!

We love it when new blogs pop up on the servers here at Conservablogs! Our network is now home to some blogosphere greats and all of our blogs are starting to flourish as a result of it.

The latest addition to the network is Velvet Hammer. VH is certainly no newbie to blogging. She brings a wealth of experience from and will be a huge asset to our community.

Stop by and say hi!

5 Responses to “Velvet Hammer Joins!”

  1. Eric,

    Thank you for announcing my arrival here at Conservablogs. Much appreciated!

    I am absolutely thrilled to be here!

  2. Congratulations Velvet! You’ve worked hard and it is not unappreciated by me. Best of luck to you girl!

  3. Tammi,

    Thanks my friend. That means a lot coming from you.

  4. velvet hammer you are one of my favorite bloggers. we have the same views, only you can put it into words better than I can.
    formally “the patriot”

  5. Hello Michael

    Thank you. That is awful nice of you to say. Truly. :)
    Do you have a site up presently?
    Your link is a dead end.

    Stop in and see me sometime.
    - VH

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