Save Our Rose

I caught this story on FOX News this evening and instantly felt the need to try and help the Rose family get the word out on this terrible injustice.
To give you a brief run down on the story, 19 year old Brendon Rose is serving a 9 year prison sentence in California over a street […]

Welcome New Conservabloggers …

We’re introducing two new bloggers today and a couple more in a day or so! By my calculations this will be the biggest rollout week since Conservablogs started up with better than a half dozen or so blogs last December!
Enough ancient history - on to the introductions!
First up is Lord Crimson at Castle Walls. […]

Shooting Michael Moore

I don’t usually post about topics that are not related to our network, but every once in a while something really catches my full attention. A banner ad today did just that.
Shooting Michael Moore is a new film project that exposes Moore for the lying hypocrite that he really is. The film points out things […]

Today’s blogging tips 07-30-07

Tomorrow’s Posts Today
This is especially helpful if you have recurring themes or posts such as a weekly ‘Caption It’ contest or a Thursday Thirteen or other meme. It’s also helpful to keep your content fresh and new while you’re away on vacation. It’s valuable if you find you have lots of time to write today […]