Note to Sen. Craig… use Men’s Restroom Etiquette

Have a great weekend! moves to the TLB Mortal Humans list

It’s amazing how much has happened in our first year online. We “technically” became an A-list blog, we moved into the top 3,000 at Technorati, and we shattered all previous traffic records.
Have no doubt… we’re being noticed.
I’m getting ready to make a big announcement about our August traffic numbers, but we still have two more […]

New Conservabloggers show up with blog bling!

I’ve been EXTREMELY busy gearing up for a major convention in October, so I haven’t had a lot of time to fumble through our blogs as of late. Today, however, I did some surfing through the network and found some amazing advancements in design with some of our new bloggers.
The two blogs I’m speaking of […]

Conservative bloggers convene for national conference

I know many of you have already read about this, especially if you frequent the pages here at But a few updates have come in to play over the weekend and I thought I would drop the announcement in a few places letting everyone know.
First of all, the list of workshops and discussion panels […]