We’re happy to announce that Doug Schexnayder at The Conservative Crawfish is our Conservablogs Blogger of the Month for August of 2007!!

Doug is one of the first bloggers who joined up at Conservablogs and we are glad he did. Doug has been tireless in his posting, often putting up several posts in a day. It is that sort of commitment to fresh and relevant content that has allowed Conservablogs to rapidly become one of the most sought out Conservative sites on the ‘Net and has garnered Doug and the Crawfish BOTM bragging rights!

And for those of you who are wondering, “Can anything good come out of Louisiana?”, never fear. It ain’t only Ray Nagin and Chocolate City goodness that are Pelican State exports. Guys like Doug are found all throughout the Sportsman’s Paradise. Good old fashioned Red State values abound in the Child of the Mississippi and Doug is living proof!!

But don’t take my word for it. What are you doing still reading? Click through and take a gander fo’ yo’sef’, chile! Ol’ Doug, he be waitin’ ‘dere, cher …