Regarding the recent GOP debate, or lack there of.

Ron Paul, The Republican’s Rosie O’Donnell

Nuke’s view on the NH debate is pretty good. I agree that Huckabee performed well and I believe he took the night.

If you want to know why I haven’t put up a Presidential poll here at CB, take a look at this one. I ran a poll a few months back and logged a series of dupe ip ranges, telling me that Ron Paulites are out in force these days. If we do end up having a poll, which we eventually will, I’ll either have to leave Ron Paul out of it or run two at the same time. One with him, and one without. Otherwise I just don’t feel the results would be worth anything.

But I digress…

When Greta comes on Fox, I know it’s time to change the channel. Sorry, but she just bores me to death. That being said, she has some great pictures behind the scenes of the NH debate.

Some more quick comments… but why McCain? I didn’t think he did any better than before in this debate. It was the same ole’ same ole’ in my opinion. Curious…

And one for the weekend
Sunflower Desert said fag in her post title! The world might come to an end now! (If you click through to this story, you MUST read the comments. So true!)

-Eric Odom