is taking heat from all directions regarding its disgraceful full page ad that showed up in todays New York Times.

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It’s to be expected to see Republicans and conservatives peeved about the low blow, but who would have thought Rolling Stone would come out swinging?

For God’s sake, it’s not even clever. A bad pun driving a despicable message.

Listen: General Petraeus may well be carrying water for the Bush administration — I’ll reserve judgment until his microphone starts working. And let me be clear: He is every bit a target of legitimate criticism.

But to impugn the patriotism of a man who is doing what the commander in chief has asked him to do — try to win the war in Iraq — is as despicable as Dick Cheney questioning the patriotism of those Americans who want us to redeploy from Iraq.

MoveOn is practicing a mirror image of Sean Hannity politics. And it deserves all the criticism it is reaping this morning.