Thursday Link Love 09-20-07

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Politics in the Sphere

Remember the Dry Cleaner biz that got slapped with a lawsuit for supposedly losing a pants that belonged to a judge? Apparently, that suit has opened the door for a new form of business warfare.

Speaking of bad money business, Clinton cash scandals continue to plague the left. Will this ever end? Answer… NO. Hillary Clinton is now considered the poster child for corruption.

While we’re on the topic of politics, Tech Republican found an interesting study on e-activism. According to the study, the internet is now a “hub” of political activism.

Heh… the lefty bloggers should have a new motto… “Insert Foot in Mouth”. As usual and on cue, they’ve once again taken something out of context.

Hot Air Quick Hits

It’s been said before, so the news isn’t really anything new, but McCain is still toast.

Behar “jokes” about GOP candidates attending Klan meetings. I guess she hasn’t looked into the past of the likes of Senator Bird and his ilk.

You gotta love it when a GOP candidate blisters the GOP. Good on ya Mitt!

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