Weekly Whopper: NYT admits wrongs in MoveOn attack ad


Last week was an exciting week in politics. August, typically a slow month in news due to Congress not being in session, came and went with little fanfare. September dropped in with a bang, bringing us countless examples of self implosion on the left.

Last week, the NYT/MoveOn news picked up MUCH more fuel than it was able to burn without causing a complete meltdown. And melt down it did.

The tag team attack on an American hero was bad enough when it first launched, but since then, it has gotten much worse. An editor at the New York Times has given up the fight and finally admitted what we knew all along… the NYT gave aid and comfort to MoveON.

New York Times Editor Clark Hoyt:

I think the ad violated The Times’s own written standards, and the paper now says that the advertiser got a price break it was not entitled to.

What is Hoyt admitting to?

The ad infuriated conservatives, dismayed many Democrats and ignited charges that the liberal Times aided its friends at MoveOn.org with a steep discount in the price paid to publish its message, which might amount to an illegal contribution to a political action committee. In more than 4,000 e-mail messages, people around the country raged at The Times with words like “despicable,” “disgrace” and “treason.”

Whopper indeed…

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  1. Almost sounds like Yellowstone Spokespunk Al Nash when he was interviewed recently:

    Nash said a small number of people sent in comments on the proposed East Gate closure. But, “Of those who commented on Sylvan Pass, the majority commented in favor of continued over snow vehicle access on Sylvan Pass.”

  2. Heh… gotta love it eh Scott?

  3. On the basis that it proves what we’ve been saying all along…

  4. It is nice to see the first inkling of accountability from the NYT. Thank you bloggers!

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