Birth of the “speechers”

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1 : An individual who has been misinformed on the truth about free speech

The last 24 hours of news has presented us with a whirlwind of debate, thanks to Iranian President Ahmadinejad. The leader of the terror supporting country of Iran was given a welcome mat at Columbia University. This particular invitation ignited a firestorm across all sides of the political isle.

The right warned Columbia about the fact that this position would be used for propaganda purposes. Those warnings, of course, went ignored by the “progressive” leadership at the University.

The left, unlike the right, doesn’t much care about Iran’s support of terrorist organizations, nor does it accept the facts regarding the country funneling weapons and military assistance to terrorists in Iraq. But the left DOES care, like the right, that Iran murders those who are homosexual. The country also is suppresses women rights and has fought vicious wars against Iranian women who attempt to oppose the corrupt system… another issue both sides find unacceptable.

So why then, did Columbia continue to allow this evil dictator a chance to spew his madness?

Free Speech

What is it with this ilk that seems to believe free speech is a right to a microphone and a podium? It boggles the mind.

If free speech means the Iranian Pres should have a microphone, a camera, an audience, and a podium… why do I not get the same? If I call UNR, the local University here in Reno, could I not argue that free speech gives me the right to speak on campus at any event I wish?

This new breed of speechers is an ignorant bunch. Of course, that’s what happens when you toss out any sense of reason.

Oh… and note to Columbia University. Remember when you were told this would serve no other purpose but to give the Iranian dictator a tool of propaganda?

You should have listened.

We’ve now entered the age of the speecher. And in my opinion, this bunch is far more dangerous than the group known as the truthers.

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  1. Thanks for the link Eric. :)

  2. You’re quite welcome!

  3. It is a mish mash of a post. I wanted to capture the moment as I was listening in. :)
    Have updated and edited it.

    BTW At the risk of shameless self promotion. lol
    I have a new post up that includes all videos related to Ahmadinejad’s Columbia appearance. Four in all. ;)

  4. What a great find that video is!

  5. “What a great find that video is!”

    Indeed. A video like that would be considered propaganda of the “right wing machine” in this day and time.

  6. columbia univ. is a disgrace to the country. The people of the radical Islamic world are laughing at us.

  7. thanks for the link.

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