Wednesday Link Love 09-26-07

Politics in the Sphere
Only in America can you kill your husband and be rewarded with a house and a car.
NPR is in hot water over its refusal to air an interview Juan Williams did with President Bush. Many are leaning towards the excuse that NPR is throwing a fit about the fact that the […]

Birth of the “speechers”

Main Entry: Speecher
1 : An individual who has been misinformed on the truth about free speech
The last 24 hours of news has presented us with a whirlwind of debate, thanks to Iranian President Ahmadinejad. The leader of the terror supporting country of Iran was given a welcome mat at Columbia University. This particular invitation ignited […]

Weekly Whopper: NYT admits wrongs in MoveOn attack ad

Last week was an exciting week in politics. August, typically a slow month in news due to Congress not being in session, came and went with little fanfare. September dropped in with a bang, bringing us countless examples of self implosion on the left.
Last week, the NYT/MoveOn news picked up MUCH more fuel than it […]

Thursday Link Love 09-20-07

Politics in the Sphere
Remember the Dry Cleaner biz that got slapped with a lawsuit for supposedly losing a pants that belonged to a judge? Apparently, that suit has opened the door for a new form of business warfare.
Speaking of bad money business, Clinton cash scandals continue to plague the left. Will this ever end? Answer… […]