8 Tips On Making The Front Page Of Digg

I personally have made it to the front page with two stories, so I understand what the wave of traffic and attention feels like once you’re there. I also now understand what all the fuss is about, thanks to having one of my blogs crash in the middle of the day. The traffic Digg can shoot to any URL should have anyone who tracks this sort of thing drooling on their shoes.

Making the Digg homepage is no easy feat. The community is bulging with new users and user “clubs” that bounce around looking for stories to Digg. You can rest assured knowing that the chances are pretty good you won’t be hitting the front page anytime soon. Unless of course, you find a groove.

How do you find that groove? Well, very few people know the true formula for Digg.com, but there are some proven tips that seem to hold sound logic. One of the best lists of tips I’ve found to date was posted over at SEO Egghead.

Read the list of 8 ways to get your story Dugg.

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