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Blogosphere Elitism

C-SPAN has a great discussion panel running on TV called Political Blogs & 2008 Elections. The panel discussion is sponsored by the Robert Dole Institute of Politics. The speakers for the panel are Erick Erickson, Jerome Armstrong, Scott Johnson, Joan McCarter, and Patrick Hynes.
A lot of the discussion is very general and hardly scratches the […]

I’ve joined MyBlogLog

This is COMPLETELY new to me. For someone who spends countless hours surfing the blogosphere, I don’t know why it’s taken so long to discover and enjoy this new social network.
MyBlogLog is a new blogging community service that brings bloggers closer to each other by building networks of information that is compiled and made […]

The 2000 bloggers now have a face

A few days back I posted about my glorious addition to the official 2000 bloggers list and linked to the official page. But, a few days have gone by and I’m getting links from hundreds of blogs because of it. So I figured I should hand out some link love in return.
Thanks for the links […]

Technorati gives link juice to homepage of blog networks for inbound links to sub pages

The last month has been a wild ride for We now host more than 50 blogs and have only been up and running for less than 8 weeks. Not bad for a guy who has spent $0.00 advertising dollars and very little time marketing the product right?
On top of the success we’re having […]

ConservaBlogs Blog Network/Blogroll

Warner Todd Huston recently suggested we begin linking our blogs together to create a network and increase both traffic and rankings for the overall community. Thanks to this suggestion we now have a blogroll/network established and it’s ready for use.
If you’re a ConservaBlogger, or even a Conservative/Libertarian blogger who is not using our free Wordpress […]

Using Directories for Backlinks

I belong to a private mailing list that sends out daily tips and hints for search engine optimization. While I find most of the techniques discussed to be morally bankrupt, it’s always fascinating to read what the latest cheats and hacks for search engines are.
Today a quick blurb about directories dropped in and I find […]

8 Tips On Making The Front Page Of Digg

I personally have made it to the front page with two stories, so I understand what the wave of traffic and attention feels like once you’re there. I also now understand what all the fuss is about, thanks to having one of my blogs crash in the middle of the day. The traffic Digg can […]