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YouTube YouChoose Follows 2008 Elections

As a campaign consultant and internet activist I can attest to the direction political campaigns are heading and a LOT of it is shifting to the Internet. Political campaigns such as John McCain’s (by the way I met with his blogger, Patrick Hynes, in DC last week and he admitted that the McCain website was […]

Blogosphere Elitism

C-SPAN has a great discussion panel running on TV called Political Blogs & 2008 Elections. The panel discussion is sponsored by the Robert Dole Institute of Politics. The speakers for the panel are Erick Erickson, Jerome Armstrong, Scott Johnson, Joan McCarter, and Patrick Hynes.
A lot of the discussion is very general and hardly scratches the […]

Need help tracking bills that are important to the blogosphere?

A new website has gone public that is fully Web 2.0 compliant and will probably create some smiling faces within the blogosphere. The Beta project, Open Congress, looks very promising and I’ve already found myself surfing the pages with a certain level of addiction.
The site provides the latest house votes, bills, and news that is […]

More on Digg’s political bias

An individual who is involved in the back end of politics.wikia sent me an e-mail this morning that includes the following paragraph. Note that he is not interested in giving his opinion on any political issues, but found it interesting that statistics were supporting my assertion that Digg is biased. was
made popular with 30 diggs. […]

Web 2.0, please meet ConservaWeb 2.0

It was only a matter of time before web 2.0 was embraced by the Conservative realm of the internet. Conservatives, I’m sometimes ashamed to admit, aren’t always the first group to jump on a new innovation, but it can be said that Conservatives know how to make one work rather quickly for their purpose.
The […]

Is this proof that Digg is biased against Conservatives?

Personally, I’ve felt for a VERY long time that Digg is loaded with mostly Liberal minded people. It’s a shame too because Digg is a HUGE community that contains many networks of web surfers on the hunt for good news or stories. A front page story on Digg can translate into tens of thousands of […]

Senator John McCain’s Presidential Website Is Broken

When I first had a look at the new John McCain website I was excited to see that the campaign had fully embraced the power of the Internet, specifically the blogosphere and social networking. It only took a week to make me take back every positive thought that I first had. Now I’m convinced that […]

News sites should learn a lesson from bloggers

Corporate Media, or as some like to call it… Mainstream Media, is sluggish when it comes to learning the tricks of the online trade. Our own local newspaper sites here in Nevada are some of the worst at giving perspective internet readers a reason to stick around.
Why? Simple really. They require you to LOG IN […]

I’ve joined MyBlogLog

This is COMPLETELY new to me. For someone who spends countless hours surfing the blogosphere, I don’t know why it’s taken so long to discover and enjoy this new social network.
MyBlogLog is a new blogging community service that brings bloggers closer to each other by building networks of information that is compiled and made […]

The 2000 bloggers now have a face

A few days back I posted about my glorious addition to the official 2000 bloggers list and linked to the official page. But, a few days have gone by and I’m getting links from hundreds of blogs because of it. So I figured I should hand out some link love in return.
Thanks for the links […]

So I made the 2,000 blogger list…

…and all I had to was ask.
Check out the official 2,000 bloggers list and see if you can get in before it’s too late.

It’s an honor to be a part of this list.
-Eric Odom

The power of YouTube, the blogosphere, and the internet in politics

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Dan Rather I instantly think “blogosphere”. It’s almost astonishing to consider how quickly the media world forced themselves to forget the power of the internet and its community. One of the most influential News Hosts was taken down by a handful of bloggers, and when […]

Conservative Blogosphere Growing

Well, this is the third day in a row that I’ve seen ten or more Google alerts for “new conservative blog” come into my Gmail inbox. The news gets even better! Each one of the alerts actually led to solid blogs being launched in some very Liberal parts of the country.
We’re starting to see […]