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Will be sold in 2007?

I’m beginning to agree that Digg just might be looking to sell out. I’ve been heading towards this agreement for a few months now, but never really reached the point where I thought it would really happen until now.
I’ve posted about issues with Digg in the past and I’ve read through countless posts about Digg. […]

Conservatives Need to Stop Protecting the Wolves

Last year during the elections I was contracted by Sharron Angle for Congress and one of the most common things I was lectured on by party insiders while on the campaign trail is the “11th Commandment”. The commandment is mentioned by state GOP parties across the country in an attempt to get true Conservatives to […]

Blogosphere Elitism

C-SPAN has a great discussion panel running on TV called Political Blogs & 2008 Elections. The panel discussion is sponsored by the Robert Dole Institute of Politics. The speakers for the panel are Erick Erickson, Jerome Armstrong, Scott Johnson, Joan McCarter, and Patrick Hynes.
A lot of the discussion is very general and hardly scratches the […]

More on Digg’s political bias

An individual who is involved in the back end of politics.wikia sent me an e-mail this morning that includes the following paragraph. Note that he is not interested in giving his opinion on any political issues, but found it interesting that statistics were supporting my assertion that Digg is biased. was
made popular with 30 diggs. […]

Web 2.0, please meet ConservaWeb 2.0

It was only a matter of time before web 2.0 was embraced by the Conservative realm of the internet. Conservatives, I’m sometimes ashamed to admit, aren’t always the first group to jump on a new innovation, but it can be said that Conservatives know how to make one work rather quickly for their purpose.
The […]

Is this proof that Digg is biased against Conservatives?

Personally, I’ve felt for a VERY long time that Digg is loaded with mostly Liberal minded people. It’s a shame too because Digg is a HUGE community that contains many networks of web surfers on the hunt for good news or stories. A front page story on Digg can translate into tens of thousands of […]

Senator John McCain’s Presidential Website Is Broken

When I first had a look at the new John McCain website I was excited to see that the campaign had fully embraced the power of the Internet, specifically the blogosphere and social networking. It only took a week to make me take back every positive thought that I first had. Now I’m convinced that […]

Is YouTube turning a blind eye to terrorism?

Fox News has a great story running about YouTube and how Terrorists use the servers to host terror videos and share them with the world.
With the global spread of high-speed Internet connections and the relative anonymity afforded by the world’s biggest and busiest sites, extremists have found a new theater to display violence and anti-American […]

MSN says IE top threat of 2007

To most webmasters and developers this is old news, but the new part is that now MSN is posting it on their OWN site. Yes, MSN says Internet Explorer is one of the top three biggest security threats of 2007.
Screenshot and story found by Search Engine Journal.

Internet Explorer heads the list of top Internet security […]

Anna Nicole Smith took away my news!

Some of you are going to dislike this post, but I just have to let it out. I’m sick and tired of this Anna Nicole Smith story. Fox News… give me my news back. Please?
For the last two days EVERY cable news network has been playing HOUR after HOUR of Anna Nicole Smith headlines. Her […]

I’ve joined MyBlogLog

This is COMPLETELY new to me. For someone who spends countless hours surfing the blogosphere, I don’t know why it’s taken so long to discover and enjoy this new social network.
MyBlogLog is a new blogging community service that brings bloggers closer to each other by building networks of information that is compiled and made […]

Nevada Legislature Offers Free Internet Access

Last week I dipped in to the Silver Legacy Casino for a quick meeting with Chuck Muth and I was surprised to see that Wifi internet access in one of Reno’s most prominent Casino’s is also Reno’s most EXPENSIVE internet access.

Are you kidding me? $50.00 for a week of WiFi??? This isn’t satellite data or […]

The 2000 bloggers now have a face

A few days back I posted about my glorious addition to the official 2000 bloggers list and linked to the official page. But, a few days have gone by and I’m getting links from hundreds of blogs because of it. So I figured I should hand out some link love in return.
Thanks for the links […]

Windows Vista Get’s Digg Slapped

Microsoft is falling into the pit of the past if you ask me. With recent failures such as the artificially hyped Zune and the now laughing stock of an operating system, Windows Vista, one would think M$ should start learning lessons from others such as Apple and Mozilla.
But no, the greedy company continues to […]

So I made the 2,000 blogger list…

…and all I had to was ask.
Check out the official 2,000 bloggers list and see if you can get in before it’s too late.

It’s an honor to be a part of this list.
-Eric Odom