Lacrosse Charges Dropped

Ah, the Duke Lacrosse “Scandal.” Everyone has heard of it. At the first mention of it in the media, the verdict was immediately decided as guilty. No reasonable person could possibly believe that these three rich, white, lazy, privileged “hooligans” were innocent of raping this hard-working, black, single-mother navy veteran. The prosecutor (up for election) made public statements about the case and gave over fifty interviews, completely ignoring legal and ethical standards. The media pressured Duke University into the unprecedented action of canceling rest of the Lacrosse season. The head coach resigned. Eighty-eight Duke professors signed a statement, outraged at the white privilege these students were showing and demanding that a teammate either confess to the crime or turn his buddies in.

Then the evidence, or lack-thereof, came crashing down upon their racial justice parade. The prosecutor, Mike Nifong, promised DNA evidence. He said that they would finally find out who it was that raped the woman.

Then the tests came back negative.

Nifong went on a rampage, saying that he would prosecute the case “the old-fashioned way.” Not all old-fashioned things are good, Mike. Compare HDTV against old television sets. I daresay HDTV is a step above black and white. That’s what genetics does for us: it gives us an infinitely clearer picture of who commits the crime, as well as who doesn’t.

Nifong indicted two players before the primary election, and one afterwards.

Discussed also were the racial slurs thrown at the girl. Apparently they called her a “nigger.” Obviously this is racially offensive and appalling…until you realize she called them “little dick white boys.” I find it hard to think of a man that wouldn’t react with a word like that after being called a “little dick white boy.” I suppose the media should report this?

I could go on and on about the ridiculousness and controversies of the case, (including the latest conspiracy between Nifong and Meehan to exclude DNA discovered in their rape kit tests of the accuser from their report). Rather, I’d like to note that justice is slowly getting closer to reality.

That it took about nine months to finally drop the rape charges is a travesty. But it isn’t over yet.

Somehow Nifong intends to proceed with charges of kidnapping and sexual assault. The rape charges were dropped only after an investigator in the case talked to the victim—who said that she would not be able to testify for sure that she was raped. Nifong still holds no evidence but that of a testimony by a woman who has changed her story countless times, falsely accused three men of gang-raping her in the past, and the recent, provable lie she has told (She said she had not had sex in the past week, however the DNA of other men was found in her vaginal and anal areas).

The North Carolina Attorney General and Bar show no interest, which gives conservatives a tough dilemma: Should Attorney General Alberto Gonzales step in? Obviously these three boys must be protected from this case being tried (especially in Durham, who has elected this DA) and Nifong needs to be punished. This, of course, would defy our calls for a small federal government. I am no fan of an expansive government intervening in state affairs.

When it comes down to it, the government has the ability to save these three students. It might as well use it while it has that power.

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