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Not So Pro-choice

I apologize for the delay; my DSL service was down all of yesterday and most of today.
Recently, New York City decided to ban trans-fat in all its restaraunts. The idea is to fight obesity; the growing American “epidemic.” I’d hardly call obesity an epidemic when the measurements of it are flawed: using a Body Mass […]

Does the Senate Divide Matter?

People everywhere are making a big deal over the recent brain hemorrhage of Tim Johnson (D-SD). Not because they are worried over his health and genuinely hope he gets better. No, the focus is on the political situation…except there is no political situation.
Should he die, the Democrats will lose their weak 51-49 majority in the […]

The War on Christmas

It is Christmas time again, Wall Street’s favorite time of the year. A retail and wholesale business owner’s dream, Christmas can save the businesses struggling the most from economic disaster. Nevertheless, we continually refuse to mention its name in a cold-hearted attempt “not to offend.”

Some of this stems from an honest attempt at acceptance and diversity. But most of it is either economic interest or a general attack on Christianity itself. The religious symbols of the holiday are banned from the eyes of the public because a few eyes were offended. It has gotten to the point that for some teachers and public officials, the thought of mentioning the word Christmas brings images of lawsuits.


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