Apply For A Blog

We’re going to be in Beta phase for a few months, so until we come out of Beta we’ll be a bit specific on who we accept into the network. To be accepted into the network and get your new Wordpress powered blog you’ll need to meet the following criteria.

- Current Bloggers
You MUST have a blog that has been posted to for at least three months. The reason for this is we need to make sure we understand who is blogging in our network and reading your past posts is probably the best way to go about it.

We’re not looking for “professional” writers; Rather, we’re looking for bloggers who understand the basics of blogging and who support Reagan style government.

- Post Commitment
Because our blogs cost us money, you’ll need to commit to posting on your blog at least two times per week. Content is what will drive our network into solid rankings with the search engines and dead blogs really won’t help us in that aspect.

Plus, our goal is to eventually be a top provider of conservative opinion commentary and news. You can’t drive a car that has no fuel…

- US Residents Only
Currently we only accept bloggers who reside within the United States.


If you’re confident you meet all the requirements listed above we’d love to hear from you. Our application form is in development, so until then a simple e-mail will get the ball rolling.

Send an e-mail with “sign me up” as the subject to crystal AT conservablogs DOT com

We look forward to working with you!

Kind Regards,
CB Staff