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Thursday Link Love 09-13-07

Link Love

If you haven’t yet seen the 9/11 budweiser commercial, make sure you check it out. It’s an oldie, but will forever remain a goodie.

As it turns out, the worst man in news, Keith Olbermann, is likely to be the brains behind the General “Betray Us” ad put out by

Political correctness once again runs rampant.

Wouldn’t you rather fly on Air Infidel?

Hot Air Quick Hits:

If you need a “feel good” moment, go watch Orrin Hatch spank the lefty nutroots. It’s pure gold.

Monday Link Love 09-10-07

Link Love

I have a TON of feeds to sift through from the weekend, so I’ll have a better list of link love for tomorrow’s post. Until then, enjoy the few I’ve compiled for today.

From Hot Air:
The Hsu - Clinton money scandal isn’t slowing down any.

And if you watch one video today… make it this one. Lou Dobbs of CNN gives Democrat legislator Steve Gallardoa verbal beat down in a heated debate on illegal immigration.


Shoching! Calls Petraeus a Traitor

Parade of lies… or as the left would say… “what we want you to perceive as truth”

A few thoughts on taxes will have you wanting to beat your head against the wall. I’m still stunned after reading through the list of taxes we pay.

That’s it for now. Check back tomorrow for more!

Friday Link Love 9-7-07

Regarding the recent GOP debate, or lack there of.

Ron Paul, The Republican’s Rosie O’Donnell

Nuke’s view on the NH debate is pretty good. I agree that Huckabee performed well and I believe he took the night.

If you want to know why I haven’t put up a Presidential poll here at CB, take a look at this one. I ran a poll a few months back and logged a series of dupe ip ranges, telling me that Ron Paulites are out in force these days. If we do end up having a poll, which we eventually will, I’ll either have to leave Ron Paul out of it or run two at the same time. One with him, and one without. Otherwise I just don’t feel the results would be worth anything.

But I digress…

When Greta comes on Fox, I know it’s time to change the channel. Sorry, but she just bores me to death. That being said, she has some great pictures behind the scenes of the NH debate.

Some more quick comments… but why McCain? I didn’t think he did any better than before in this debate. It was the same ole’ same ole’ in my opinion. Curious…

And one for the weekend
Sunflower Desert said fag in her post title! The world might come to an end now! (If you click through to this story, you MUST read the comments. So true!)

-Eric Odom

Conservablog Carnival - Week 21

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Conservablogs Carnival. There’s certain to be something for everyone so sit down, find your reading glasses and get ready for a ride …

Mark Warden at Budget Watch Nevada starts us off with an article titled, ‘Way to Go, Dems!’ He honors two Democrat lawmakers in Nevada who recently found a way to do the right thing legislatively despite being saddled with the onus of belonging to the donkey party.

To see who these folks were and what they did, click through. I’d name them here but it wouldn’t be good for their careers to be feted on a Conservative site.

James Whittington posted ‘Torture, al-Qaeda Style’ on the discovery of both a fully equipped al-Qaeda torture chamber (complete with victim) and an accompanying manual with text and illustrations detailing how to torture those fortunate enough to fall into the hands of al-Qaeda.

I say fortunate since it could have been far worse for the victims. They could have been tortured by the evil Islamic Inquisitionists at Abu Ghraib for instance. **shudder**

Of course, the coverage of this important, newsworthy story in the main stream media dwarfed the irrelevant scribblings of the pathetic denizens of the blogosphere because the MSM is harshly opposed to torture and will properly excoriate anyone found to be participating in it with photos and feature length articles on the front pages of all of America’s major dailies.

Note: That sound you hear in the background is hysterical laughter …

I have watched as Ron Paul has been ridiculed and vilified in both the MSM and the blogosphere for his comments during the recent debate. Rudy Giuliani has been championed for ‘taking Paul to the woodshed’ for his comments. But Paul remained unfazed and challenged Rudy to a debate on foreign policy matters.

Chuck Muth posts on this in ‘Duking It Out Over Foreign Policy’. As someone who is well acquainted with Rep. Paul, Chuck deserves a listen.

Smitty over at Laissez-Faire offers his evaluation of the end result of the Immigration Debate as it pertains to the GOP. That his post is titled ‘Game Over, Man!’ ought to give you some clue as to where he sees this leading.

It’s not all Party, though. According to Smitty, there are more than a few individual heads that are subject to a smidge of rolling over this.

Just who and how far they’ll roll is something you’ll have to read his post to find out.

One of the hardest character traits to acquire and maintain is humility. Sam Pierce at Conservative Common Man seems to be doing just fine in that arena.

His post ‘Where Should One Stand?’ is refreshing.

At a time when everyone (including yours truly) has the answers to everything, Sam has the humility not to merely ask questions about himself but to do so publicly. Thanks Sam, for sharing not just your destination with us, but your journey as well!

Over at Publius’ Forum, our Memorial Day tribute is found.

Warner Todd Huston writes ‘Our Country Right or Wrong - Honor Whether We Agree or Not’.

He not only chronicles that names and times of wars past and those that opposed or supported them but he goes on to make the case that whether we agree or disagree with a particular conflict and how it is being waged - our country is still our country and that has a bearing on our response.

Stop by and read his own words. You’ll be glad you did.

Doug over at The Conservative Crawfish gives us some foreign language lessons in his post 9 Words from Women.

For all of you who have ever wondered why you always lost the argument with your wife or girlfriend; for all of you who thought you understood what she meant when she said, “Fine!”, “Whatever!” or “Nothing!” and found out the hard way that you didn’t; For all of you that long for some peace and quiet in the home instead of the tension and quiet - go straight to Doug’s blog and get the lowdown on the real meaning of these and other perfectly good words when used by women.

Yours truly continues the girl humor this week with my post ‘8 Reasons Women Should be Banned from Blogging!’

C’mon … you didn’t think I was going to give you any of them here, did you?


And give up the hits on my site? Get real …

You’ll just have to see the 8 for yourself …

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy your visit here and with our bloggers at their respective homes. If we make you happy, if we make you angry, if we make you think … please leave a comment so we know.

And remember, if you must blog - Conservablog! It’s the Right thing to do …

Blue Collar Muse

Conservablog Carnival - Week 20

The motto generally and incorrectly attributed to the US Postal Service is, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” For the most part, it is true of our mail carriers, except for mine when my truck and trailer are parked too close to the box on the street. Then I get today’s mail tomorrow with a nice little note on it that says ‘Box blocked’. Normally that’s not too big a problem. However, when you’re expecting a nice check from a customer and it gets delayed …. well, you get the picture. The relevance of this little aside will be evident to those of you astute enough to have detected that we jumped from Carnival 18 to Carnival 20 skipping over 19 entirely. The fault is mine and Eric was gracious enough to instruct Guido to only break things that would allow me to continue typing so as to get this edition out on time. The appropriate mea culpas having been expressed, let’s get to the good stuff …

Never let it be said that the important political battles are only fought in D.C. Mark Warden at Budget Watch Nevada understands that the Founding Fathers intended each state to be an independent experiment in what works and what does not when it comes to government. In his post ‘Ralston is Right On’ he responds to critics accusing the GOP of calling for budget cuts but then failing to have much eligible to cut. Mark provides a half a BILLION dollars in cuts to the Nevada state budget. Seems The Silver State has been challenged to account for its gold. Stay tuned to see how the legislature chooses to respond. Editor’s note: Holding one’s breath while staying tuned is not recommended.

As bloggers, we all understand that words mean things. They are the tools of our craft, after all. James Whittington’s post, ‘Homophobia vs. Homo-McCarthyism’ takes a humorous look at the way the Left misuses one term in their quest for acceptance. James starts with,

According to Webster’s a phobia is: “an exaggerated, usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation”

So, logic would seem to dictate that homo”phobia” would imply that people who are homophobes lump Judy Garland loving, occasionally lisping or prancing, very neat and well groomed males in with spiders, heights, germs, enclosed spaces, airplanes or Donald Trump’s hair…

You’ll need to click through to see his amusing and politically pointed finish.

The Epistolizer’s post ‘Middle Class and Endangered Species in Maryland’ hits home for me since two of my closest friends have recently relocated to that state. Frederick Meekins shines the light of truth on Maryland’s plans to adopt an ecologically friendly approach to state affairs with taxpayers footing the bill for every last penny of the cost. Plans include fees of up to $2000 on top of the cost of a new car to make Maryland’s autos compliant with California’s auto standards and the potential addition of tens of thousands of dollars to the cost of a home or property development depending on how large it is and where it is built. This on top of some of the country’s highest costs for housing.

These monies would be paid to the state for it to spend as it pleases. The Epistolizer asks,

With taxes in some Maryland counties pushing $3000 a year and projected to go as high as $6000 by 2010, one must ask what in Sheol’s nomenclature is being done with all that money. Isn’t it about time tax revenue went for actual needs such as this alleged crisis of restoring the Chesapeake Bay rather than for things that should be private sector expenses such as “Shakespeare In The Park” festivals?

The rest of his post is just as pointed as he exposes additional ideology behind the ‘Tax and Spend’ practices of the state.

Chuck Muth’s post ‘The Gibbons Doctrine’ should be required reading by every Conservative political activist in every state in the Union and then fought for tooth and nail in every state legislature until it is the law of each of the 50 lands. Stated simply, there can be no state tax increases implemented without two things happening: 1) the people must be allowed to vote on each and every tax increase, and; 2) in order to be put on the ballot to be voted on in the first place, enough citizens must agree that the tax increase is needed for it to meet state requirements for adding an issue to the ballot.

Chuck puts it,

Proponents of putting a tax hike on the ballot should be required to show some minimal level of public support before doing so. And I’m not talking about polling, which can be skewed and interpreted to mean whatever someone wants it to mean. I’m talking about tax-hike proponents being required to go out and collect signatures from actual citizens to place their tax hike on the ballot.

Not a bad idea. Click through to his post to get the full picture. Be prepared, however, strong doses of common sense taken by those who aren’t used to it can have interesting side effects!

Many times when we read of the impact illegal immigration we’re told that border states pay huge costs to care for illegals. It’s unusual that there are any specifics given. The Conservative Crawfish breaks that mold with his post ‘Illegals: You are Paying Now and it’s a Ton’ The post is a recounting of the costs and experiences of Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas - most famous for being the hospital where President Kennedy died. The post also chronicles that illegals receive better and more generous care at no charge than do paying citizens.

The Dallas Morning News article followed a Hispanic woman who was a patient at one of the clinics and pregnant with her third child—her previous two were also born at Parkland. Her first two deliveries were free and the Mexican native was grateful because it would have cost $200 to have them in Mexico. This time, the hospital wants her to pay $10 per visit and $100 for the delivery but she was unsure if she could come up with the money. Not that it matters, the hospital won’t turn her away. (I wonder why they even bother asking at this point.)

Click through for more painful information. Remember, these are your tax dollars at work.

Todd Zuccato at Silver State Libertarian Leanings points us to a story we all need to be aware of in ‘When We Turn On Our Own, the War is Lost’. Yet another group of Marines, these from the Special Operations (MARSOC) command are being accused of killing innocents, this time in Afghanistan. In the midst of a carefully planned and well orchestrated IED attack, our Marines responded as they are trained to do. In doing so they minimized their own casualties and inflicted casualties on the enemy. The story is now that some of those killed by the Marines were not combatants at all but innocent civilians. Further, while the matter is still in the investigation stage, other military sources are publicly condemning their actions.

Todd notes,

How do you, in a split second, decide who to shoot? These terrorists don’t wear uniforms and they use women and children to blow up our soldiers. How do you, in a split second, decide which un-uniformed men, women, and children are trying to kill you, and which ones aren’t? And we expect 100% accuracy. Anything less could wipe your entire service record clean of every honorable thing you have done and replace it with a life sentence in the brig.

As always, Smitty at Laissez-Faire can be counted on to make serious points in a light hearted way that makes you grin but forces you to think at the same time. His post, ‘I believe … I don’t believe …’ is a rapid fire recitation of his opinions on a variety of topics from sports and science to politics and personalities. It is a must read if for no other reason than to find nuggets like this …

I believe in a “Bizarro Jimmy Carter Foreign Policy.” That is, when Jimmy Carter says the US should do something, we should immediately do the 180 degree opposite as rapidly as possible.

Part of Warner Todd Huston’s popularity is his ability to cut through all the noise to get to the heart of a matter and expose what’s really important on an issue. He is in fine form in his post ‘The Left Just Likes to be Mad, No Reason Needed’.

He writes,

This story proves once again that the left doesn’t need justification, logic or reality to get a good mad on. They don’t need anything real or important to swarm upon like a hive of unthinking insects, infesting and killing a host, they just need one of their own to head off in that direction so that they can all follow, lemming-like, over that cliff.

At issue is a Texas Republican quoting a Confederate General on military tactics. He’s excoriated because the General was a Confederate and we all know what racist SOB’s the Rebels were, don’t we? What’s that? This general’s reputation as a racist may not be all that we’ve been told? Well, you can believe what you’ve been taught or you can check out Warner’s article and learn a thing or two. I know I did.

If there was ever evidence that Unions are out for themselves as opposed to their members, The Union Label Blog’s post ‘Paycheck Protection End Run’ should put the notion to bed once and for all. The post is a reprint of a Wall Street Journal article on how Washington State’s governor and legislature dealt with an impending defeat of their position on how union dues can be spent in the state.

Faced with huge revenue losses if members get a say in how their union dues are spent, the state legislated that,

… unions can employ accounting tricks that virtually guarantee they will never need to seek permission for political spending. And as an additional slap in the face to voters, lawmakers attached a bogus “emergency” clause to the bill that insulates it from future referendum challenges.

Why are they doing this? Simple … follow the money!

What’s driving Big Labor’s vehement opposition to paycheck protection is obvious. A year after Washington implemented its law, voluntary teacher contributions to the WEA’s political action committee dropped by 85%. Utah adopted paycheck protection in 2001, and in no time the Utah teachers union saw a similar drop-off in PAC contributions.

You Washington State readers need to weigh in on this - assuming it’s not too late already!

Sam Pierce at Conservative Common Man posts up with ‘Lead by Example, Then I Will Consider Your Opinion’. A certain individual dubbed ‘Captain Planet’ for his love of our eco-system, has recommended that the earth’s population be thinned from the current 6.5 Billion or so to around 1 Billion. Take a look around you. Assuming you are one of the fortunates to be left, the next 5 people you meet will need to … well, not be left … when the final accounting is undertaken.

At least the good Captain isn’t advocating the radical idea that some espouse - namely simply doing away with 85% to 90% of the world’s population and doing away with them relatively rapidly. Captain Planet is suggesting we achieve population density harmony via selective breeding.

… if only the right people were to reproduce at a rate of one “predatory primate” per couple (no gender requirements are to be imposed on said couples,) we might be able to hit the target. So who is to decide who gets to reproduce?

And that’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it.

Fortunately, Sam has an excellent suggestion which neatly sidesteps awkward decisions like that. He opines,

…I do know that I would give more consideration to the suggestions of the population control crowd if they would practice what they preach. They could take the initiative to do their parts to achieve the delicate eco-balance. As soon as they no longer tread the Earth and exhale the globe warming carbon dioxide, I might reconsider the validity of their plans!

Wonder how civic minded and socially responsible the Captain and his supporters are feeling now?

Finally, yours truly weighed in with my take on the secret Immigration Reform agreement crafted in closed door sessions last week. In ‘Gold Diggers and the Government A-Go-Go’ I opine that the subculture of the 60’s has become the dominant culture of the 00’s and not to good effect. The 60’s were inherently selfish and replaced a culture that valued service to the nation with a culture that pursued service to self.

In support of that position I offer the following observation:

In a generation, we went from a country which enshrined Jack Kennedy’s words on selfless, priceless, noble service, “… ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” to a country which enshrined Bill Clinton’s words on a selfish, cheap, tawdry affair, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky!” We went from a Blue Dog Democrat in the White House to a Blue Dress Democrat in the Oval Office.

This isn’t a bash the Left post since Republicans were also a part of the shameless Immigration Reform agreement. Our country is in for some rough times as:

The Democrats make themselves even more the party of special interest groups. The GOP demonstrates even more fully that it refuses to contemplate the meaning of November, 2006. The electorate races even faster down the road of “What’s in it for me?”

That’s it for this week. Thanks for stopping by and clicking through to whatever hits your particular hot button. If you click through to a post and like what you read, do me a favor and let the author know by leaving a comment or two. Stats tell us how many people came by to see what we had to say. But only comments tell us how they felt when they left.

Remember, if you must blog, then Conservablog! It’s the Right thing to do …

Blue Collar Muse

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