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Media Moral Decay Poll… Not News

Bozell: American People Believe Media’s A Major Factor In Our Moral Decline
Brent Bozell’s culture column this week unfolds the new polling numbers for the MRC’s Culture and Media Institute on the American people’s impression of moral decline and the media’s role in it:
A new cultural-values survey of 2,000 American adults performed by the polling firm of Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates for the Culture and Media Institute reveals a strong majority, 74 percent, believes moral values in America are weaker than they were 20 years ago. Almost half, 48 percent, agree that values are much weaker than they were 20 years ago.

CRAWFISH NOTE: The movies are not filthy, they are “edgy or progressive or push the creative envelope”… you are not morally better, you are “too sensitive and too righteous”… the media is not secular mosh pit of moral midgets, “your judgemental ego is the problem” and “you must grow up or get real”…
I can say with 100% certainty that the TV moral values of my childhood are so foreign to the modern parents/media that they just laugh at “Leave It To Beaver”-”Bonanza”-”Gunsmoke”. They just mock these shows that have stood the test of time because the people stood for something greater than themselves. But any strict parents’ kid can safely watch them even now. “Good Times” and “The Bill Cosby Show” had little of the heavy negative modern liberalism either (but it was creeping in by the 70s). No constant graphic themes of fornication, adultery, perversion, victimization, subtle mocking of any churchgoer and casual potty mouth chat. Spouses instead of “partners”, adultery instead of “an affair”… work instead of handouts, Churches instead of godless arrogant secularism… how quaint indeed. You still wonder why 20-25% of classroom time is lost on disciplinary issues?
Thanks to libs and modern liberalism (secular socialism) we are where we are… remember the saying… “Life without discipline means death without dignity”… many tens of millions of Americans will die without dignity as of now. “You are being judgemental if you judge me”.. see how that lib ploy can be disarmed? (”I am offended that you are offended” is another gem, use it often)
by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. :: The Conservative Crawfish

Secular-PCism Takes Another Ride On The Guilt Train

‘Celebration’ banned for Jamestown’s 400th
Events marking settlement’s anniversary condemn its ‘holocaust’
March 8, 2007 By Bob Unruh © 2007

This year is the 400th anniversary of the arrival of settlers in Jamestown, 13 years before the Plymouth Pilgrims appeared on America’s shores. And there will be discussions on the environmental impact of the settlement and its impact on African-Americans and Native Americans. But there will be no celebration.
“You can’t celebrate an invasion,” Mary Wade, a member of Jamestown 2007 organizing committee, has stated. After all, Indian tribes “were pushed back off of their land, even killed. Whole tribes were annihilated. A lot of people carry that oral history with them, and that’s why they use the word ‘invasion,’ because it truly was an invasion, and I’m sure some of the Indian people will probably want to tell that as a part of the story of 400 years.”
And that has some experts in history upset, since the advent of Jamestown provided what later became the United States with important introductions to Christian common law, a republican representative government, the first Protestant Christian worship service, and its first interracial marriage…….

CRAWFISH NOTE: Keep voting democrat, keep letting the secular socialists (liberals) dominate classrooms and judgeships… and here you have it… the new social nazis are revising history or ignoring it while few dare say a word… and this in Virginia… heart of our historical freedom… a very sad thing. Wanna bet Mary Wade is a liberal activist? Do the liberals ever tire of trashing their country and praising our enemies? How much liberal “white guilt” is enough for them?
by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. :: The Conservative Crawfish

Educational Testing: The Devil In Disguise

My LTE submission to some Louisiana area newspapers:THE INVALID ED. TESTING CIRCUS
Yep, its “testing the kids” time again. Its ranking schools time. Its excuse time. Its promise time. The truth is until each school considers the percent of single family students or the percentage of free-lunch students, this whole thing is a validity fraud. Everyone knows this dirty little secret but insists on using criteria they know is lacking in truth. Its like saying, “there are more poor people in the USA than ever” instead of the percentage below some artificial moving poverty line. Until the “poverty-disadvantage” data is added as some part of the final numbers, its all invalid. Then start revealing the progress of schools and districts from where they were, say the last two years, in a bar graph. Show the schools and districts within a range (for example) of 5 “poverty-disavantage percentage points” as a competing group. I had lots of statistics in doctoral classes and this educational testing results game has serious meaningful factors left out on purpose. That is unfair to all schools, students, teachers and admins trying to improve education in Louisiana. Stop it or we will end up dumbing down the test (its called re-norming) to produce more favorable results like the A.C.T. was in 1991 (17 in 1990 is a 20 now). The time is now.
Below is a response when one educator received the above in an e mail from a fishing buddy:
My view is that we have been lowering the standards for more than 30 years now and as long as we keep this up, the U.S. will continue to spiral downward. I was on several national committee’s when I was principal of the year for LA. and it was eye opening. We are really bad off and the public has no idea. The real problem is, we do not EXPECT anything from kids any more. We just except what they do, academic and discipline wise.
The whole public educational system has to be re-worked and parents have to be taken out of the picture. Look at it this way. Who goes to a doctor and tells the doctor what to prescribe and what operation to do on them? NO ONE.. So, who makes the public smarter than the teachers that went to school for YEARS to learn how to teach? I know, there are bad teachers everywhere and there are bad lawyers and doctors, but telling teachers what to teach, how to teach, when to teach is destroying the U.S. Heck, it already has.
One day when you want to get together and learn some stuff about our educational system, call me and we will talk for hours, seriously. I am so ready to get out of this because all I have seen is us going DOWN because we have to lower the standards so “Everyone can get an equal education”. SORRY, NOT EVERYONE IS EQUAL….. NO ONE WILL EVER BE EQUAL. I am nowhere as smart as my sister who is a scientist. So, do I have the right to say, hey, you have to be dumber because I can’t do what you are doing? NOT. If you want the grade, get off your a__ and make the grade. Heck, did you get to run hurdles in college in all of the meets or was someone better than you? DAH…….. Later.. I am getting worked up… M.
by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. :: The Conservative Crawfish

Education In Libland (Where Reality Is Not An Option)

“Higher grades contradict test scores… was an interesting educational article recently.

WASHINGTON - High school students are getting better grades and taking more challenging courses, but that apparent progress is not showing up on national math and reading tests. “The reality is that the results don’t square,” said the National Assessment Governing Board.
Nearly 40 percent of high school seniors scored below the basic level on the math test. More than a quarter of seniors failed to reach the basic level on the reading test. It is unclear whether student performance has improved or whether grade inflation or something else might be responsible, the report said.”

After 35 years in education I can say that grade inflation (liberal charity) and poor (liberal) parenting are the biggest educational problems by far! Its constant juking and jiving by teachers/admins to give students the grades to keep the parents and the state “quota police” off their backs. I taught community college and the more I did the lower the grades got… put practice tests (30% actual test questions) online, grades go down; put all notes online, grades go down; go from 3 chapters to 2 per exam, grades go down. There can be no doubt because the objective tests given were 95% the same year after year. Of course, we got high school products… and they had grade inflation there so expected “a letter grade up” from their real grade from day 1.

Reality was never an option. Failure was never an option. Prediction: The national tests will be “dumbed down” (called re-normed) as the A.C.T was in 1991. It was “10 yards for a 1st down” now its about 8 and soon it will be 7, whatever it takes for “happiness.”

by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. ::