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BOORTZ: New Tax and Iraq Info

Radio host Neal Boortz had a caller mention taxes and added “that in the early Clinton years it was proposed (by a Klintonite) that ALL 401K’s and other pension plans be hit with a (1 time) tax of 15% and that be used to save Social Security.” You like dem(o) apples?
Also he said that “if the demos get total control Talk Radio will be killed because liberals cannot succeed at it or control it now.”
Also a caller firmly stated that “the 1st two places the Special Forces hit in Iraq early on were AQ Training Camps and OBL was once wounded and treated in an Iraqi hospital!” Wow, can that be verified anywhere?
CRAWFISH NOTE: Is there anything a liberal will not tax? It takes lotsa nerve for Congress to spend megabillions of Social Security contributions (by you and me every paycheck) to buy votes.. then toss a yearly I.O.U. in the vault… which is what they did for decades! Klinton taxed it early on. Remember that?
Also remember you make 1% and the Federal Govt keeps all leftovers if you die… what a disgusting outdated system. The liberals hate solutions because then they lose issues for them to demonize Repubs with and make factless doomsday assertations about as they campaign… for even more taxes. by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. :: The Conservative Crawfish

Boortz: The Alternative Min Tax Is A Growing Monster

March 8 AT 9:40am CST:
Radio talk show host says “the AMT will affect 1/3 of all taxpayers by 2010… its not indexed for inflation and every year the bite gets bigger as it creeps into The middle class… but Congress needs the $$$ so will do nothing.”
CRAWFISH NOTE: Let your Congressional royalty know this before it hits you for a few hundred or a few thousand. Remember you now know.
by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. :: The Conservative Crawfish