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Okay, its doomsday and we are depending upon the congressional royalty for quick reasonable realistic actions to lower “Global Warming”… of course China and India have flipped off the “gashouse greenies”, go figure.

In 2007 congress should… as far as families go, provide GENEROUS TAX CREDITS (as under Carter but naturally taken away by the short-sighted congress later) for buying a 4 cyclinder car, installing ANY energy efficient house stuff, riding in cabs-buses-trains over a certain # of days or miles yearly and perhaps for a couple more creative ideas. Make it simple. No more agencies or bigger tax hassles.

But watch for the royalty to fight like “2 cats in a sack” over what should be an easy bipartisan thing. We know which cat wants to hammer you with more taxes. Be on the lookout for that. Congress should not give these things another short political “sundown” but make these 10-15 year actions. Remove the camera grandstanding, juvenile behavior, pandering and posturing. No “offsets” for rich libs and others. Reach out to the other 90% of the population first by using some of OUR TAX money as a “carrot” to a better environment. Do not start taxing families again. The bloated federal budget has the money. For starters, the NEA and NPR could be lined out for added revenue. Limit all federal (Did I use the word “limit” and “federal” together?) departments to 3% increases for the next 10 years. Its doomsday, remember? There are no excuses. We voters are watching. Cue the clowns.

by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. The Conservative Crawfish

Hundreds of scientists struggled to find compromise wording Thursday on a landmark report set to declare that climate change is already discernible and could wreak devastation to human settlement and wildlife this century.

China, which is set to overtake the United States within the next decade or so as the world’s single largest emitter of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas driving global warming, is coming under increasing pressure to curb its use of fossil fuels.

The body of the report, a copy of which was obtained by AFP, predicts that damage to Earth’s weather systems from greenhouse-house gases will change rainfall patterns, punch up the power of storms, boost the risk of drought, flooding and water stress and accelerate the existing meltdown of glaciers and erosion of ice sheets, the report will say.

The prediction by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are part of its first review in six years of the evidence for man-made climate change.

With a few exceptions, the news is relentlessly bad for virtually all of Earth’s population, but poor tropical countries — the least to blame for the fossil-fuel pollution that drives global warming — will be hit worst.Worsening water shortages in thirsty countries, malnutrition caused by desiccated fields, property damage from extreme weather events and the spread of disease by mosquitoes and other vectors will amount to a punishing bill that is beyond the ability of vulnerable countries, especially in Africa, to pay. Biodiversity and natural habitat are in for a hammering.

Even a modest increase in temperatures will bleach many coral reefs, reduce part of eastern Amazonia to a parched savannah, thaw swathes of the northern hemisphere’s permafrost, change seasons for plant pollination and animal reproduction. The planet could be placed on the fast track to a mass die-out.

“Roughly 20-30 percent… of species assessed so far are likely to be at increasingly high risk of extinction if global mean temperatures exceed 2-3 C (3.6-5.4 F) above pre-industrial levels,” the scientists are expected to say.

“By 2080, it is likely that 1.1 to 3.2 billion people will be experiencing water scarcity,” says a draft of the summary, explaining that the figure depends on world population growth, energy use and the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

In the first volume of its report, issued in February, the IPCC said Earth’s temperature had already risen by 0.74 C (1.33 F) in the past century. (wow, 1.3, we are toast)

By 2100, it could rise by 1.1 C (1.98 F) and 6.4 C (11.52 F) compared to 1980-99 levels, with a likely range of 1.8 C to 4.0 C (3.2-7.2 F).

CRAWFISH NOTE: I still want the eco-model for 2017… not these 2100 fantasies. Just can’t get my “guilt train” on the tracks after watching hundreds of rich libs fly private jets all over the globe while eating $150 meals and owning 3 mansions… my solution is to buy some “guilt offsets”… they are a dime a dozen so I have ordered a stack of them. I feel so much better and superior already…. and feelings are all that count. Did I mention the Beatles song I will sing when my “offsets” arrive? (”Here Comes The Sun”)

by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. The Conservative Crawfish

NEWT Debates KERRY 4.10.07

WASHINGTON — Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich will face off next week with Sen. John Kerry in a debate over climate change.

The debate is scheduled for April 10th at 10 a.m. in the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C.

“Newt’s a guy who has spent a lot of time wrestling with climate change and the environment. He reads about it, he teaches about it, he writes about it,” Kerry told The Hill Newspaper. “We don’t see eye to eye about everything, obviously, but that’s what makes for a good debate.”

Kerry, D-Mass., recently released “This Moment on Earth,” a new book that addresses climate change and environmental issues.

CRAWFISH NOTE: This will be like teaching a dog Algebra for Newt. Kerry will use the usual serial factless assertations spoken with extreme confidence. At least (probably) he will not loudly talk over Newt, use profanity or call names… which is what most liberals (secular socialists) do in the place of any realistic logic.

by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. The Conservative Crawfish

Rush Guest Hammers GW Eco-condriacs

FEB 28: Roy Spencer was on RL about 12:20pm CST and completely trashed the basic tenets of the GW doomsdayers.

Roy Spencer is a principal research scientist for University of Alabama in Huntsville. In the past, he was served as Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, where here he directed research into the development and application of satellite passive microwave remote sensing techniques for measuring global temperature, water vapor, and precipitation. He currently is the U.S. Science Team Leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR-E) on NASA’s Aqua satellite. Dr. Spencer is the recipient of NASA’s Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement and the American Meteorological Society’s Special Award for his satellite-based temperature monitoring work. He is the author of numerous scientific articles that have appeared in Science, Nature, Journal of Climate, Monthly Weather Review, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, Journal of Climate and Applied Meteorology, Remote Sensing Reviews, Advances in Space Research, and Climatic Change. Dr. Spencer received his Ph.D. in Meteorology from the University of Wisconsin in 1981
Select Works
* “Satellite Temperature Data,” Dr. John R. Christy and Roy Spencer, April 17, 2006
* “Some Convergence of Global Warming Estimates,” Roy Spencer, August 11, 2005

(Google this guy and e mail his positions to the eco-nutcases that have been pestering you recently… have fun)
by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. ::

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