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The ConservaBlog Family

This is the latest list of ConservaBlogs as of 02-12-07.

These are coming soon!

-Eric Odom

New surge of ConservaBlogs

On behalf of and Citizen Outreach, I would like to welcome our newest bloggers!

-Richard Disney, who formerly blogged using Google Blogger. His old blog can be seen here.

-Joe Enge, President of EdWatch Nevada, has decided to join the blogosphere with his new blog.

-Todd Zuccato, who also is now a former Google blogspot user, is moving his blog onto our servers.

-Jill Nicholson ( is now a part of the family.

-Mark Warden is about to go live with Budget Watch Nevada

Eric Odom

New ConservaBlog: Muth’s Truth’s

Chuck Muth, director and founder of Citizen Outreach, the group that oversees, has just launched Muth’s Truth’s. Like any new blog, it’s bland and will still be a few days before we get to see some post action, but once things get fired up you’ll certainly want to keep an eye on Chuck’s new blog.

When Chuck Muth puts his fingers to the keys politicians tremble. Trust me, this is going to be good!

Eric Odom Management

New ConservaBlog: The Epistolizer

Frederick Meekins, a long time columnists and internet blogger, has decided to join us here at for some free Wordpress hosting.

Meekins will be blogging at The Epistolizer so please be sure and bookmark his page as well as snag his feeds for future updates.

Welcome to ConservaBlogs, Frederick Meekins!

Terrible Swift Sword

2007 is here and along with it will come many new ConservaBlogs. Our first addition in the new year is Terrible Swift Sword. Steve Haas, Terrible Swift Sword author and owner, has been blogging for many years and will fit right in here at

Be sure and stop by for a visit!

New ConservaBlogs!

I love it when I’m handed a new URL to blog about. Today, thanks to my moving over from Blogger, I too am now hosting my own blog here at But I’m certainly not alone in the move.

My new blog will focus on blogging tips and tricks for the ConservaBlogger community, with a hint of marketing and Conservative blogger networking. I’ll also be following the blogging industry and social networking in general.

Next, we have an excellent writer whom has done quite a bit of blogging in the past with another host, but that host unfortunately fell through and he was forced to hang his hat up for a season or two. Thanks to our free Wordpress Hosting, Jeff Michael now has a new home online and we look forward to helping him share his message and opinions on whatever comes to mind.

Be sure and give Jeff Michael over at Common Sense Conservatism a visit and don’t forget to grab his feeds for future reference.