Weekly videos are back!

Now that the Conservative Leadership Conference is signed, sealed, and being delivered, we have time to get back to the things we were doing earlier this year. One of the popular things we did here on the homepage of ConservaBlogs.com is post weekly video finds from around the web.
With that said… I give you […]

Pardon the mess…

We’ll be experiencing some “outages” today and tomorrow as we re-adjust our homepage design and get ready to blog the Conservative Leadership Conference this coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Stay tuned for updates!

Wednesday Link Love 09-26-07

Politics in the Sphere
Only in America can you kill your husband and be rewarded with a house and a car.
NPR is in hot water over its refusal to air an interview Juan Williams did with President Bush. Many are leaning towards the excuse that NPR is throwing a fit about the fact that the […]

Birth of the “speechers”

Main Entry: Speecher
1 : An individual who has been misinformed on the truth about free speech
The last 24 hours of news has presented us with a whirlwind of debate, thanks to Iranian President Ahmadinejad. The leader of the terror supporting country of Iran was given a welcome mat at Columbia University. This particular invitation ignited […]