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Violence or Violins …

Some of my all time favorite TV sketches are the old school Saturday Night Live skits featuring Gilda Radner as Roseanne Rosannadanna.

Roseanne routinely credited relatives like her musical cousin, Carlos Santana Rosannadanna, or her religious aunt, Hosanna Rosannadanna, with advice she passed on to her viewers. The advice followed monologues on topics Roseanne found fascinating but confusing such as ‘Soviet Jewelry’ instead of ‘Soviet Jewry’ and, my personal favorite, ‘Violins on TV’ as opposed to ‘Violence on TV’.

Getting it wrong in a comedy sketch can be hilarious; getting it wrong in real life can have some very serious consequences!

Hegemonic Pundit’s post ‘Desired Gun Control’ started me thinking along these lines. The post is a tribute to fallen Navy SEAL Danny Dietz, killed in Afghanistan in 2005. Danny’s parents raised money to erect a memorial to their son near the two elementary schools he attended. Other local residents see the memorial as problematic since kids may see a soldier holding a weapon.

One of the neighbors would not go on camera, but sent an statement saying, “We encourage the community to carefully consider the appropriateness of the proposed location. This has been, and will remain our sole intent.”

However, the city said these concerns are coming “at the eleventh hour.” A mock-up of the statue design was put on display at a city council meeting in January, and nobody voiced concerns at that point. The city will move forward with its plans.

The Pundit observes:

Guns are part of the problem in the normalized liberal doctrine. Up until recent years gun control had been a visible and cardinal part of the liberal dogma. …

The animus against this statue is based on the illogical theory that all violence is wrong.

When will the Left learn all violence is not created equal? The truth is, not only is all violence not wrong but some violence is incredibly right! Just this morning I read a story about an off duty, female sherriff shooting and killing a knife wielding man attacking her inside her home. As yet another SNL character, Mr. Robinson, might ask, “Can you say ‘Self Defense? Sure, I knew y’could!”

The appropriateness of violence routinely surfaces in discussions of Roseanne Rosannadanna’s topic, ‘Violins on TV’. The on-screen actions of Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Sylvester Stallone and others are pilloried by hand wringing milquetoasts wailing, “What are we teaching our children?” I try to respond, “We are teaching them there are some situations that can only be effectively addressed with deadly force. We are teaching them to identify these situations and training them to deal with them.”

Cinematic violence for the sake of violence is something best left to adult viewing or simply left alone. I’m thinking of movies like ‘Natural Born Killers‘ or ‘Pulp Fiction‘. However, in a world increasingly filled with people blowing themselves up or opening fire in crowded stores and schools and otherwise violently assaulting the world around them with little discernable rationale, the violence brought to the screen by Norris, Seagal and others ought to be applauded. They are, after all, fictionalizing the attitude thankfully possessed by those defending our country in real life.

Islamic terrorists spend their lives training to indiscriminately murder those around them. SEALs like Danny Dietz train to deal with them. Flopping Aces reports

[…]The Coloradan’s wife, Maria L. -Dietz, said in a statement released at his SEAL base in Virginia Beach, Va. …

… “The same day he left for Afghanistan, as tears rolled down my cheeks, he told me with sparkles in his eyes, ‘All the training I have (undergone) for years is going to pay off with this trip, and I am going to do something special for this country and for my team.’

She wrote further that her husband “probably wouldn’t have wanted to die any other way, but only trying to protect his fellow teammates and his country.

So spare me the liberal whining about violence. I know they think it’s bad and some of it is. It is bad when terrorists violently fly planes into buildings and bad when homicide bombers detonate themselves in crowds of children in Iraq. But when men like Danny Dietz bring devastating violence to bear on the world’s common enemy it’s not bad at all - unless you’re the bad guy. As they say on the street, “Sucks to be you!”

We won’t start the fight, but we’ll make you wish you hadn’t if you do. As one of my favorite IMAO t-shirts irreverently puts it in #3 on their ‘Top Ten U.S. Military Slogans’, “Trying to win hearts and minds but willing to splatter them if necessary.”

Thinking the world’s smallest violin playing ‘My Heart Bleeds For You’ is appropriate for the Left’s view of violence …

Blue Collar Muse


A new species was discovered in early 2007 in Washington, D.C. (although some reported sightings made since 2000) with 400 legs, no vision or testicles. It has been named Republicanus pantywaistus cowardi.

Cameras cause Republicanus to cower in fear and then scurry away. Republicanus feeds upon a strange meal called “libmediaapproval”. Its main enemy is the angry shifty guttersnipe Liberalus secularsocialisus.

Liberalus is protected by the libmediapproval meal and also has its manure almost instantly dissolved by this libmediapproval meal as often as daily.

Liberalus is genetically unrestricted by the usual laws of nature so it can be found doing most anything with amazing impunity. Liberalus can never be domesticated or satisfied. Liberalus actually eats paper money as a secondary food item. This food item, if not eaten immediately, is left in rundown neighborhoods. No biologist has yet determined why this is a cyclic behavior restricted to early November.

Scientists believe that only the predator Conservatis commonsensus can eradicate Liberalus. Since Conservatis is now on the endangered list we can only hope some new breeding farm will save countries.

by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. The Conservative Crawfish

Conservatives: Words Mean Things!

……As the new president of Air America, I’d like to offer to host or co-host one of your upcoming presidential debates.
Why us? First, this would allow your debate to reach many voters …….
Second, it would allow Republicans to differentiate themselves from Democrats – embracing a debate hosted by a progressive media outlet after Nevada Democrats canceled a debate scheduled to be hosted by the conservative Fox Cable News Channel.
Third, our offer permits you to include any other national media company as a co-host — like Fox. For example, a panel with Fox representing the conservative viewpoint and Air America the progressive viewpoint would make for a very “fair and balanced” debate ————–
CRAWFISH NOTE: See what happens when you follow the libline of calling them “progressives”? Bill O. messed up badly when he started that and even goofed by using it in his book. They are secular socialists. Socialism is not progressive in any good way. You can bet millions of average voters think “positive change” when they hear progressive… no conservative should ever want that deceptive image projected.
by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. The Conservative Crawfish

Stupid is… as Stupid Says

The President of Venezuela, Hugo (call me Fidel) Chavez, on a tour of Latin America, has launched a stinging attack on the US.
Visiting Bolivia, the firebrand leftist leader said that capitalism was “the road to hell”.

“Those who want to go directly to hell, they can follow capitalism,” Mr. (Castro with oil, CWO) Chavez said in the town of Trinidad in Bolivia
“And those of us who want to build heaven here on earth, we will follow socialism,” he added.

CRAWFISH NOTE: Will any media ask this arrogant dufus why Cuba and North Korea are so poor. (I forgot, its a fawning libmedia) Is there any end to the string of scam artists (eventually billionaires) who take over poor countries promising a socialist uptopia? North (heaven’s gate) Korea and Cuba (heaven’s gate II) did not have a chunky oil supply so this dufus will be able to do even more harm for decades… not good. Why anyone would buy gas from a CITGO is beyond me. This gas you can avoid. No excuses, no kidding.
by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. The Conservative Crawfish

Here, Catch This Ball And Run With It

From this minute forward let us do at least one thing in unison… that is, stop using the flawed “secular progessive” (Bill O missed that and libs prefer the misleading “progressive”) term… the correct term that describes the modern liberal is SECULAR SOCIALIST. Never ever use anything else…. its how they vote, its what they do… and socialism is not progressive.

Once you smell that glove.. move on to calling their leaders neosocs to offset neocons… they are socialists so use neosocs. Get with the program… get on offense and stay there.

by Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. :: The Conservative Crawfish

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