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I’m guessing that is starting to gain quite a bit of favor with the search engines, because over the past 30 hours I’ve been getting about a visit per minute on my 9/11 Budweiser commercial post.

I’m ranked #2 and 3 on most major search engines for about 15 variations of the search phrase, and because of it my blog has been slammed with completely new traffic.

So, I decided to post another great link here for those of you floating around my blog after watching the video.

This is a must see compilation of 9/11 photos that were taken by the United States Military.

Prepared to be amazed. Surf the pictures here.

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  • Wrongfully Accused

    The scenario I’m about to portray is specifically geared towards men because it relates to the story that follows, but for the women reading this, just turn the players around and craft it as if you were the one arrested.

    Here goes… (be prepared for the anger that will most likely follow)

    You wake up to a beautiful day in Chicago, preparing to spend some quality time with your wife and older daughter. But, before you pick up your 22 year old daughter, you drop your 6 year old daughter off at school.

    Once the younger daughter Read the rest of this entry »

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  • 9-11 Budweiser commercial

    If you don’t remember this commercial, it was aired on Super Bowl after 9-11. The commercial was only aired once, because the company didn’t want it to be about making money.

    Hat-Tip: Stix Blog

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  • Apple

    One of the reasons I believe Apple always wins, is because the company always shows up dressed to impress.

    The most recent news that Apple will lead the technology world, specifically the entertainment side of it, into new levels of innovation is the fact that an error showed up in iTunes, hinting the company may soon begin offering movie rentals.

    Of course, Apple already announced that it wanted to offer movies for rent, but until now, nobody really had an idea of when it would happen.

    The glitch that gives us the heads up happens when you visit the page that allows you to request a refund in iTunes. One of the options is for non-delivery of rental movies.

    Kep your fingers crossed folks, this may be the beginning of the end of the wait for digital rental movies. I applaud the move and look forward to seeing it happen. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Electronic Conservative Radio


    Over the past few weeks I’ve been asked by several readers about my plans for a podcast. Honestly, I’ve been rather reluctant to launch one simply because I don’t yet understand the technology. I know it isn’t “that” difficult, but it’s an area that until now, I just have taken the time to explore.

    But over the weekend that finally changed. Yes, I’ve launched my own podcast show… and the first episode is live and available for download.

    The show will focus on web 2.0, movement 2.0, e-conservatism and internet related topics with a hint of politics.

    I’ll be doing a recorded version of the show once per week on or around Wednesday, and a live show with call ins, guests, and a live chat room on Sunday evenings.

    Wish me luck! Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Uncooperative Radio

    In case any of you weekend surfers are reading this, I’ll be going on the Uncooperative Radio Show to discuss the conservative leadership conference, as well as anything else related to politics the host decides to bring up.

    The show starts in 15 minutes, but if you can’t make the live version, you can download it or grab it on your iPod anytime this week.

    Visit the shows main page for the download info.

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    My thoughts on the GOP/FOX News debate

    Fox News Debate

    First of all, I think this was probably the best Presidential debate so far. But I would like to note that doesn’t say much, because the debates this year have been extremely lacking in anything of real significance.

    Secondly, Shame on you Fred Thompson.

    I don’t know how I missed the news that he wasn’t going to show up, but I waited all day for the debate with the excitement of knowing, or at least thinking, that Fred Thompson would show. Talk about a complete let down. And then hearing that he is going on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno later on tonight made things even worse.

    Bad form, Fred.

    Moving along… my pick for the best contender tonight is Mike Huckabee. I’ll be honest here, I’ve never been a fan of Huckabee. In fact, I’ve never really given him much attention at all. But tonight he really took the gloves off and it showed. Especially when he gave Ron Paul the verbal black eye.

    Speaking of Ron Paul, this has got to be one of his worst performances yet. For the record, I like Ron Paul and I agree with him on a lot of his stances, but lately he’s been going so far out in loony field that he doesn’t even appear on my radar anymore. He’s a lost cause, and those who think he has a chance of winning the GOP nomination are in a big surprise… which is surprising in itself.

    McCain was McCain. Not much new there. He seemed to do a little better over all, but he still wobbled on the immigration issue and danced in circles any time the topic came up. A lot of people seem to think he came out with a win, but I just can’t bring myself to believe that. I didn’t see anything new come from him, and my opinion of him is unchanged.

    Rudy did OK, but like John McCain, he brought nothing new to the table. His answers seem politically crafted and none of them feel right. I don’t know what it is about Rudy, but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to trust him. I’m not saying that can’t change, but right now I just don’t feel comfy with him.

    Mitt Romney, in my opinion, got eaten alive tonight. It wasn’t because he’s a bad candidate, but the questions lobbed his way were fully loaded and dressed to kill. That being said, I have a lot of respect and trust for Mitt Romney, and I still consider him one of my choices for the GOP primary.

    Tancredo, Brownback and Hunter are GREAT candidates, but they just don’t have the right look and feel to get the nomination. I hate to say that, because I hate to admit it plays a role in the outcome of primaries, but it is what it is. Those of us who like the lower tier candidates need to realize that we’re in a minority, and unless a miracle comes about, that isn’t going to change.

    I know I just scratched the surface here, but honestly, there just wasn’t much meat in the debate. If I thought that the Ron Paul nutroots would allow a poll to actually be fair, I would have called in and voted for Huckabee. In my opinion… he took the win.

    See also…
    -A full rundown at HotAir

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  • Blogger Boot Camp

    Boot Camp

    Time for some crash course self-training! Starting This week I’ll be putting myself through a hard month of extreme blogging.

    I usually post about 30 times each month. This takes place across about seven blogs. However, in the next four weeks I plan on posting four times that amount across nine blogs.

    Why? I’m curious really. Curious to see what it does for traffic, revenue, etc. Plus, I’d like to get a good idea of how much time it would take each week to achieve this level of posting frequency.

    The following is a list of blogs I’ll be posting on, along with Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Today is BLOG DAY!!!

    Blog Day 2007

    So here we are… August 31st, the official Blog Day.

    BlogDay was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. On that day Bloggers will recommend other blogs to their blog visitors.

    With the goal in mind, on this day every blogger will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs. This way, all blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, previously unknown blogs.

    Now that you know what it is, I’ll go ahead and dig into my five picks. I chose five categories to sift through. These categories are compromised of topics that I’m interested in, but until now I’ve rarely spent a lot of time surfing.

    Blog Design
    I’ll be honest, I’m no designer. I don’t know too much about blog design and some times it shows. But I do realize that I need to start spending more time thinking about it, so I’ve added Pro Blog Design to me feed reader. And, obviously, I’ve made PBD my first choice for Blog Day.

    Blog for Thought
    OK, so I read a LOT of blogs about blogging. In fact, I probably read at least 40 posts a day about blogging. But this morning I found a blog that doesn’t just provide content about blogging, rather, the author actually gets you thinking about deeper aspects of the art.

    In comes Blog Gigs. I highly recommend you swing into Blog Gigs for a read. You won’t be let down.

    I’ve started reading more blogs written by entrepreneurs because I find a level of inspiration that can be extremely helpful during the daily grind.

    Todays find is Retired at 21. I learned quite a bit from his most recent post. As I continued on, I found I could spend DAYS sifting through his content.

    The last two are blogs that I found within the past week and will most likely become a regular visitor to.

    -Brian Shavings
    -Eye Hacker Blog

    Happy Blog Day!

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    I know many of you have already read about this, especially if you frequent the pages here at But a few updates have come in to play over the weekend and I thought I would drop the announcement in a few places letting everyone know.

    First of all, the list of workshops and discussion panels has been made available. You can view the full list here:

    Secondly, there is still a few days left to get a chance at the free upgrade from the “conference only pass” to the full “conference in a box” package. This offer ends at midnight on September 1st, 2007.

    More information on this can be found on the official site.

    This year’s conference is bringing in more than 40 high profile speakers and trainers. The fleet of speakers is guaranteed to be not only entertaining, but extremely educational.

    Bloggers who attend will learn more about blogging, and will be able to network and plug even deeper in to the blogosphere.

    See you in October!

    -Eric Odom

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    Caveman’s Crib

    Caveman's Crib

    Until now, I’ve never tried to convince myself that I had visited the coolest site I’ve EVER seen. But today, without question, that site has been found.

    Welcome to Caveman’s Crib!

    Here is a re-cap of my visit.

    I was planning on partying with the cavemen on Saturday. They were throwing a big house party and I was invited. I got there a bit early, so the guys were still showering and getting ready for a night of partying.

    While the guys were getting ready, I went into the kitchen to have a look around. I fidgeted with a few things, played with the word magnets on the fridge, and accidentally blew a fuse messing around with the microwave. oops!

    So I went back into the living room to chill out and read a magazine. After flipping through a few pages, I noticed that one of the cave dudes was posting to his blog. He left his laptop sitting on the coffee table and apparently had just finished his most recent entry. It was entertaining to say the least.

    I love blogging.

    The music they had playing was groovy, but I didn’t know the name of the group so I roamed over to the iPod to check it out. They had a great party mix loaded and I messed around with the tracks for a bit, finally settling on the one I wanted.

    I then noticed a door opened in one of the back rooms, so I headed back to see what was there. One of the cavemen was busy changing, letting me know he wanted his distance while getting dressed. The next door lead into the bathroom, but someone was in the shower. He wasn’t too pleased that I walked in on him, so I bailed with a quickness.

    I then went into a room back in the direction of the kitchen and found another one of the dudes trying on a few outfits to find something fitting for the night. He was a riot and fun to hang out with.

    The party started not too long after that, and I don’t really remember the rest of the night.

    The next day I went back to the caveman’s crib because I couldn’t find my phone and figured I would check to see if I left it there. The place started giving me flashbacks of everything that had happened the night before. The turntables, the darts, the pizza, etc.

    I found a couple cell phones that had some GREAT video of the party. Oh man, that was hilarious! In fact, I’ll post one here for you to watch.

    Good times!

    Maybe you’ll go to the next party? You’ll love it. :-)

    Have a great weekend!

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  • Google Doubleclick

    Anyone else remember this mission statement?

    “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

    Those were the good ole’ days weren’t they? Back then Google was a search engine and it rarely stuck its nose in anyone else’s business. But those days are long gone.

    Now Google has its eyes set on dominating internet based markets and pushing out any form of competition. Free market is something that Google apparently no longer Read the rest of this entry »

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