Free Wordpress Hosting for Conservative/Libertarian Bloggers Tue, 20 Feb 2007 17:36:55 +0000 en Are Democrats afraid of Democrats? Tue, 20 Feb 2007 17:36:55 +0000 Eric Politics 2008 Elections This just in from GOPUSA.

Edwards, Clinton, other Democrats said to fear party activists
(AgapePress) — A former GOP presidential candidate says the controversy surrounding two liberal bloggers for Democrat John Edwards’ presidential campaign gives Americans a window into the powerful far-left blogosphere. Gary Bauer also says the controversy highlights the fear top Democratic politicians have for far-left activists within their own party.

Two Edwards campaign bloggers recently resigned amid protests over their history of vulgar and bigoted comments directed at Catholics and Christians. Although Senator Edwards acknowledged the statements were offensive, he initially decided not to fire the two women saying, before they quit, that he kept them on staff to give them “a fair shake.”

American Values president Gary Bauer says the scandal will not immediately sink Edwards’ campaign, but that it does set a “marker.”

“It tells us something about the mindset of Senator Edwards and his top campaign people,” he says. “And my experience in over 35 years in politics and in Washington has been that once a politician makes this kind of a misjudgment you’ll see it over and over again — and if the pattern continues, then I think, yes, it will doom his chances.”

But what Edwards’ hesitancy does demonstrate, says Bauer, is that Democratic presidential candidates are “scared to death” of left-wing activists operating websites like and the Democratic Underground.
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Move over BofA… Wells Fargo also supports illegal immigration Fri, 16 Feb 2007 00:28:12 +0000 Eric Politics Not only does Wells Fargo support illegal immigration via allowing people in violation of US law by simply BEING HERE to apply and be approved for loans WITHOUT social security numbers, unlike Bank of America, Wells Fargo has been doing it for YEARS!

As we all know, Bank of America has been getting a lot of attention over its recent announcement to allow illegal immigrants to apply for credit cards and home loans without a social security number. The story has been tossed back and forth on Fox News and most major media outlets, and is starting to pick up steam across the web. But as a former employee of Wells Fargo, I have to wonder why only now is the media interested in this?

I remember several years ago getting a few “briefings” on my desk that were basically attempts to justify why rumors that certain Southern Cailfornia branches were approving home loans without social security numbers or proof of LEGAL residence were indeed try. Not only did these documents state that is was happening, it also contained a level of pride and included notes of support for illegal immigration advocates and groups that are politically active and known as illegal alien supporters. These letters basically encouraged employees to embrace illegal immigration and take pride in the fact that the bank was “helping” this market by offering home loans even if the potential customer was breaking the law by just being on our soil.

Want to take it a step further? Sure why not? To make matters worse, Wells Fargo openly admitted to its employees that LOWER INTEREST RATES WERE BEING OFFERED TO CUSTOMERS WITHOUT SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS!!!

If for some twisted reason this isn’t enough to get your blood boiling, how about the fact that the bank served special food and gave away prizes for Cinco De Mayo, yet forced me to remove a 6 inch Christmas tree from my desk three days before Christmas? Oh and if your argument is that the bank may have rules against decorations, perhaps you can explain why the BANK ITSELF took the liberty of hanging a witch decoration ABOVE MY DESK during Halloween!

Need more to see that Bank of America isn’t alone on this? This story was written back in 2001. Where was the media outcry? These stories seem to have slipped past the radar as well.

Need even more proof? Watch this video.

So I think if Fox News and other major media outlets are going to go after Bank of America, they should at least have the courtesy of including competitors who are guilty of the same.

Am I wrong?

-Eric Odom

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UPDATE: This just in from a reader

FYI, as a Wells Fargo employee for over five years, from 2001-2006, I was one of many who questioned the bank’s outreach to residents without social security numbers. As an attempt to stymie employee concerns, Wells Fargo likes to issue talking points to address potential questions. They issue talking points whenever an unfavorable change in policy, internal or customer relevant, is implemented. In this instance, the bank’s position on the issue maintained that it is the Federal government’s responsibility to enforce the law whereas it is part of Wells Fargo’s vision & values to provide financial solutions in order to be recognized as a premier financial services company.

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The ConservaBlog Family Mon, 12 Feb 2007 19:44:28 +0000 Eric Site News New Blogs This is the latest list of ConservaBlogs as of 02-12-07.

These are coming soon!

-Eric Odom

ConservaBlogs makes the Human Events Blogroll! Tue, 30 Jan 2007 04:06:18 +0000 Eric Site News A lot of Internet action, specifically the action that takes place within the blogosphere, tends to evolve around links and networks of links within blog pages. Because of this, any blogger who fully understands the way it all works should drool over solid links from reputable sources. This is why we’re happy to find the latest set of links coming our way originate at online political news giant, Human Events Online.

ConservaBlogs can now be seen in the sidebar blogroll at The Right Angle, Hillary Watch, Capital Briefs, Gizz-ette, The Ballot Box, and Human U Events.

Human Events was one of the first resources added to our home page news sources links list so the favor has already been returned.

Thanks for the link love, Human Events!

-Eric Odom

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ConservaBlogs and the State of the Union Address Thu, 25 Jan 2007 23:28:18 +0000 Eric Politics Media: Bush’s ‘Flawed’ Portrayal of ‘The Enemy’ in State of the Union Address
In response to president Bush’s State of the Union Address, the Washington Post’s main criticism seems to be that Bush doesn’t understand who “the enemy” is in the Global War on Terror. Yet as the Post proceeds to knock what they perceive as Bush’s simple minded rhetoric with today’s news article they only reveal it is they, rather, that has no idea who our enemies are.

Bush’s Speech
The State of the Union speech is another attempt to literally show “we the people”, just what our President thinks of us. “STUPID, DUMB AMERICANS, SWALLOW WHAT I SAY AND SHUT UP!”

The only part worthwhile was the end when we saw the occulates to the brave Americans who TRULY did contribute benefits to our citizenry. Look, I voted for the moron twice, shame on me! But quiet I will not be! I gave him every benefit but alas, he screwed me twice over and now I have to live with two more years of the idiocy we’ve inherited from this administration.

Stream of Consciousness Reaction to the SOTU

Not exactly live blogging, but more overall impressions as they are being formed. Be aware that many of these thoughts will be incomplete or only partially articulated.

Leading up to this, I have to say that I am not looking forward to what I’m going to hear, based on what I have heard reported ahead of time.

Bush Proposal To Punish The Insured
Under a Bush proposal to be presented in the president’s state of the union address, those whose health insurance plans cost employers $15,000 or more could face higher taxes if they do not switch to less costly plans.

Blogging The State of the Union Address
It is always tough to blog a speech like that for me because I just don’t type fast enough to keep up. What I have blogged is what I could keep up with and what I felt was important.

First off, I think the President did a great job of speaking tonight. It is no secret he has bumbled and fumbled while speaking in the past. He had no particular speaking challenges tonight.

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New surge of ConservaBlogs Wed, 24 Jan 2007 01:23:05 +0000 Eric Site News New Blogs On behalf of and Citizen Outreach, I would like to welcome our newest bloggers!

-Richard Disney, who formerly blogged using Google Blogger. His old blog can be seen here.

-Joe Enge, President of EdWatch Nevada, has decided to join the blogosphere with his new blog.

-Todd Zuccato, who also is now a former Google blogspot user, is moving his blog onto our servers.

-Jill Nicholson ( is now a part of the family.

-Mark Warden is about to go live with Budget Watch Nevada

Eric Odom

FREE Blogs for Conservatives/Libertarians Wed, 24 Jan 2007 00:47:43 +0000 Eric Site News PRESS RELEASE

(Washington, DC) - Citizen Outreach announced today a new blogging project,, in which any conservative/libertarian individual, candidate, public official, party leader or organization can get their very own blog, completely designed and set up, including hosting…FREE.

“If you’ve heard of blogging but aren’t quite sure what it is, or know what it is but didn’t quite know how to design your own, or knew how to set up your own blog but couldn’t afford it, have we got a program for you,” said Eric Odom, Director of Internet Operations at Citizen Outreach. “ConservaBlogs will result in a huge ’surge’ of new limited-government, constitutional voices in the blogosphere.”

Here are the details…

What is a “blog”?

Many people hear the word “blog” and scratch their head wondering what such an unappealing word could mean.

The word “blog” comes from the words “web” “log” - meaning a frequently updated diary, self-published on an Internet website. Think of something like Star Trek’s “captain’s log,” with more or less daily entries.

The difference between a simple website and a blog is that a standard website usually sits for many weeks, months or even years without a change of content. A blog, on the other hand, is updated with new content every couple of days, or even more frequently.

What technical skills do you need to publish a blog?

Blogging has become so easy that if you have a computer and can send an email - you can blog. If you don’t have a computer and cannot send an email yourself yet, get a computer and it’ll take all of five minutes for someone to show you how. It’s that easy.

And unless you belong to a religion that requires you to use only technology from the 1980’s or earlier don’t let your age or status be an excuse for not joining the party.

Some people are afraid of new technology and so don’t even want to try to blog. But the technology is easy now.and becoming easier each year. Even the novice can now look like a professional desktop publisher.

You definitely don’t have to be a computer programmer or website designer to publish an interesting and influential online blog. It’s as easy as cutting, pasting and writing on your computer. As said before, if you can send an email, you will have no problem establishing and writing your own personal blog.

Who should be blogging?

We think every conservative or libertarian with something to say should be blogging.

People and groups, who want to influence public opinion, or promote a point of view, simply cannot effectively fulfill their missions any longer without blogging! Examples of people and groups who NEED to blog are: grassroots activists, candidates, elected officials, political parties, party insiders, pundits, opinion makers and opinion shapers.

If you wanted to promote an idea or a cause, and someone offered you your own private newspaper to get your idea out to the masses, you would be a fool not to accept right? Well, your own private online newspaper column is exactly what you have when you blog.

With a successful blog you and your organization will receive exponential benefits. Some benefits include media mentions, attention from policy makers, and influencing public opinion with a big, electronic megaphone.

Mainstream media outlets now actively monitor the blogosphere as sources for new stories, or to back up stories they are already producing.

Savvy politicians now monitor blogs to get an early look at what the public thinks about their policies or actions.

Politicians use blogs to get the word out about what they are doing and why they are doing it.

You don’t have to write a book anymore to be invited to appear on major talk-shows with large audiences if the people are interested in the “buzz” generated by the content on your blog.

Why are blogs important to the conservative movement?

Because of how effectively they shape and change opinion. Think of early-American pamphleteers like Thomas Paine and “Publius” - without whom the United States would probably still be a colony of England, or not “united.” Blogging is the modern-day, Internet equivalent.

Bloggers spread ideas like a brushfire - whether the idea is good or bad. We need as many conservative and libertarian bloggers as possible to spread the “right” ideas!

But are they really effective?

Anyone who doubts the power of blogs should remember the scandal involving Dan Rather. Prior to blogs on the Internet there was little possibility of exposing false accusations uttered by someone with a prominent bully pulpit such as Rather had when he was the news anchor for CBS News.

The scandal involved a story hosted by Rather about President George W. Bush which featured forged documents that cast President Bush in a horrible light right before the 2004 presidential election.

The “typed” documents used by Rather against President Bush were supposed to have been written by Bush’s Air National Guard commanding officer in the early 1970s. Then bloggers at a small blog (at the time) called “Little Green Footballs” superimposed copies of Rather’s documents, supposedly typed on a 1970s era typewriter, on top of copies of documents printed using Microsoft Word software.

It was visually obvious that the documents were identical. The comparison was picked up by major mainstream media outlets, and was easily accessible for everyone to see and come to their own conclusions.

The scandal, dubbed “Rathergate,” resulted in Dan Rather’s resignation a few months later - although Rather claims the document scandal had nothing to do with him leaving.

There are growing numbers of examples of the power of blogging - including the exposure of false statements made by then-presidential candidate John Kerry over his service in Vietnam.

What kind of material makes for a successful blog?

A blog can really be about anything. But blogs which gain readers and deveop a following have a few key elements which make them successful.

* You have heard that in business the key is location, location, location. For a successful blog the key is content, content, content. Good writing attracts good readers.

* In writing a blog, brevity is the rule. Long verbose articles (called “posts” on a blog) should be broken into multiple short posts so that the reader can go directly to a particular subject to get information.

* Successful blogs have original content with information that can’t be found elsewhere. The ability to get “inside” information which only you can obtain will draw many people to your blog.

* Controversy always attracts attention, no matter what media is used to expose it. Controversy can be a huge influence on making a small blog very big in a hurry!

* “Linking” to other blogs or websites containing supporting documents or information helps build traffic to your own blog. Be sure to credit the sources of information you use and other bloggers will be more than happy to link and send people to your blog.

Blogging is very community-oriented among like-minded people which has formed a worldwide network commonly referred to as the “blogosphere.” If you would like to know more about the blogosphere and how to increase your blog’s ranking in it, you should read Hugh Hewitt’s book titled, “Blog.”

How do you get people to notice a read your blog?

There is something your blog will do automatically without you having to do anything. Every blog sends out what is called an “RSS feed” or “stream.” RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” - and what it does is automatically send the content of your blog out all over the Internet. It’s similar to what wire services do for traditional “old media.”

In other words when you write a post on your blog about a certain subject or candidate, it’s automatically housed in the Internet. When someone searches for information about that subject or candidate you’ve written about on an Internet search site, such as Google or Yahoo, your blog post will show up in the list of sources for that information.

The amount of content and number of categories you supply on a particular subject, and the number of other blogs you’re linked to on your blog, have a big impact on the ranking of your blog in Internet search engines.

You can also add to the promotion of your blog by emailing people about your blog, and using tools like Constant Contact to encourage people to visit your site.

Cross promotion is helpful, as well. If you’re a guest on a radio or television program, or have a column in a mainstream newspaper, be sure to mention that further information and source content can be found on your blog. Like anything else, you want to promote and talk about your blog early and often.

How much does it cost?

Well, if you set up your blog with ConservaBlogs, it’s.FREE!

We at will even help you set it up. No gimmicks, no hidden! Our goal is to get as many conservatives and libertarians spreading their ideas around the world as effectively as possible.

OK, how do I get started?

All you have to do is go to and fill out the brief “application.” We do the rest.

All we want is some very basic information about you and your cause because this is a blog network dedicated to conservative and libertarian, center-right politics. Other than that, point, click, and get the show on the road!

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New ConservaBlog: Muth’s Truth’s Sat, 20 Jan 2007 19:53:21 +0000 Eric New Blogs Chuck Muth, director and founder of Citizen Outreach, the group that oversees, has just launched Muth’s Truth’s. Like any new blog, it’s bland and will still be a few days before we get to see some post action, but once things get fired up you’ll certainly want to keep an eye on Chuck’s new blog.

When Chuck Muth puts his fingers to the keys politicians tremble. Trust me, this is going to be good!

Eric Odom Management

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Full steam ahead! Fri, 19 Jan 2007 20:08:37 +0000 Eric Site News The recent merge with Citizen Outreach has prompted us to speed up the progress of ConservaBlogs. Thanks to this “surge” (don’t you just love that word?) forward, we’re now ready to offer free Wordpress hosting to any Conservative/Libertarian blogger.

To get started, simply fill out this form. We’ll have your new blog installed and ready to go within 24 hours.

Have a great weekend!

-Eric Odom

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ConservaBlogs now a project of Citizen Outreach Fri, 12 Jan 2007 21:54:51 +0000 Eric Site News has had great success with its recent launch into Beta phase. We quickly picked up some of the nations most active authors, columnists, and bloggers, and over the next few months expect to see their blogs flourish once they become networked into the blogosphere.

With this quicker than expected growth came an opportunity to join forces with one of America’s top action groups, Citizen Outreach. Citizen Outreach, headquartered in Washington DC, will be the perfect parent for ConservaBlogs and our team looks forward to working with them moving forward.

To learn more about Citizen Outreach, feel free to visit the official “About Us” page.

Happy Blogging!

-Eric Odom Management