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Individual Responsibilities

January 28th, 2007 by Jill Nicholson

Is it me or is everyone going bonkers? Since when is everyone left off of being responsibile for their OWN actions? This woman who died from drinking too much water, yes, that is a great SHAME, however, nobody forced her to do it, did they? When she started feeling ill, did anyone force her to continue? We should all be shaking our heads, no on all the above, if you aren’t, then you definetely are in the bonkers category.

So because of her CHOICE, the station should loose it’s license and all those employees fired? Because the kids in the college had a party on Martin Luther King day and posted videos of them having fun, they should be kicked out of school? What happened to people just shunning wackos who we don’t agree with?

Why does everyone else in society have to be penalized for the actions some people CHOOSE to do? Since when do feelings amount to a crime if they get hurt? Who said, I promised you a rose garden?

This is the land of the free and the home of the brave, where people nowadays, instead of ignoring stupidity or silliness, make others suffer because someone’s feelings MAY be hurt. When are people going to speak up and say enough of this stifling of actual free speech and free choices?

Campuses allow Professors to actually call for killing or violence against certain people or ideals, they never are made to pay for their actual anarchy.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Stop allowing ALL of our future generations being indoctrinated by our educational system, into finding it is more important to NOT have their feelings hurt than to be an AMERICAN who is taught to take responsibilites for THEIR OWN ACTIONS!!!

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Bush’s Speech

January 24th, 2007 by Jill Nicholson

The State of the Union speech is another attempt to literally show “we the people”, just what our President thinks of us. “STUPID, DUMB AMERICANS, SWALLOW WHAT I SAY AND SHUT UP!”

The only part worthwhile was the end when we saw the occulates to the brave Americans who TRULY did contribute benefits to our citizenry. Look, I voted for the moron twice, shame on me! But quiet I will not be! I gave him every benefit but alas, he screwed me twice over and now I have to live with two more years of the idiocy we’ve inherited from this administration.

My main issue is on the immigration disaster, which I truly believe affects us in virtually every aspect of all the problems in this country. I don’t care if you call me a racist or any other name, this is my country and I believe in the rule of law, if you disagree, then you are the racist, period!! On the small amount given to last night’s immigration issue, again the same thing, give amnesty to those here already and all our problems on the border will be solved. Well, according to the education that our children are now getting, they may believe this insane notion. NOT ME! Or for that matter many more millions who have not yet left this planet. SHAME, SHAME, on ANY of our elected reps. who vote for ANY form of amnesty or guest worker program, because if you think this is bad now, wait, it will continue to increase much worse.

Once you open pandoras box, need I say more. This has already happened once. Now the newly elected Chairman to the Republican National Committee, Mel Martinez, further gave us Americans the finger, upon his first speech he gave it in SPANISH. Do you see where this is going, follow the trail.

First Bush starts giving his Saturday address to the nation in Spanish, then an elected rep. (Congress or Senate) woman, can’t remember her name, gave a speech, breaking up every sentence from English to Spanish. Find this insulting? Well, you should, where does it stop? That’s the point, it doesn’t and it shouldn’t have started in the first place. We allowed this by our silence! What language next will we be forced to listen to, or is Spanish just the one we are being force fed?

What about all the other individual nationalites who feel slighted? Most of all what about AMERICANS who are being forced to now take the word of these people in the interpretation of their speeches, that that is exactly what is being said or is there two messages for separate and not equal people? Speak up now!!!

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