Giuliani Leads McCain in Texas GOP Race

(Angus Reid Global Monitor) - Rudy Giuliani and John McCain are the favourite presidential hopefuls for Republican Party supporters in the Lone Star State, according to a poll by Baselice & Associates. 28 per cent of likely GOP primary voters would vote for the New York City mayor in the 2008 United States primary, while 26 per cent would support Arizona senator John McCain.

And what is it with all of these people claiming Conservatives won’t support Giuliani? He has the support of Texas… nuff said.


ARLINGTON, VA - U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential exploratory
committee today announced the formation of a statewide grassroots “Student
Leaders for McCain” organization in South Carolina. Senator McCain is the
first prospective presidential candidate to establish a grassroots
organization on college campuses across the state.

The problem is, as I see it, these students don’t even know what McCain’s plan is!

Kristen Munsey, co-chair for the College of Charleston said the Arizona Senator’s vision for tomorrow is what appeals most to college students. “Senator McCain’s message hits home with college students because we are particularly concerned about the future of our country,” said Munsey. “We are thinking about starting our careers and starting a family, and we want a
proven, trustworthy leader in the White House.”

Oh really? Then why did he drop the ball on the border security, illegal immigration, and social security reform? If McCain can’t get anything done when the GOP has complete power in US Government, then how is he going to do it with a Democrat ran House?



John McCain Eyes Iowa

Ed Failor, Jr. and Karen Slifka of Iowa, one of the nations top battle grounds in a Presidential elections, have been signed on as senior advisers for the McCain camp.

Failor is a top executive of Iowans for Tax Relief. Failor ran field operations for President Bush’s campaign in Iowa in 2004. He is credited with helping Bush pull out a narrow win in the state, the first time Iowa has voted for a republican presidential candidate since 1984.

Things are heating up!


Phil Handy Joins John McCain

ARLINGTON, VA - U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential exploratory committee today announced that Phil Handy, former chairman of the Florida State Board of Education has been appointed chairman of the Arizona Senator’s education policy committee.

Handy stated that he looked forward to advising someone as committed to education as Senator McCain. “I know John McCain to be someone that is passionate about education. The Senator believes achievement in the classroom is the vehicle to the American Dream. I look forward to working with Senator McCain to communicate that commitment in Florida and nationwide.”

Politics is a big game of chess, isn’t it?

We’re seeing a lot of interesting numbers in regards to the coming 2008 elections. Of course, you can dig up figures, numbers and charts that support either side of the argument, but none the less, this is an interested tidbit.

Putting aside Singer’s point for the moment, there is one more conclusion left unaddressed: Republicans support the surge when associated with McCain over Bush — and by a 9-point margin.

That’s good news for McCain, for whom the big question has been whether he can actually win the nomination; independents are supposed to be his natural constituency, while he is weak with registered Republicans. But Republican angst about Iraq is on the rise, and the rank-and-file will be looking for the candidate most able to reassert leadership on the war — and on this issue, he actually bests the Republican commander-in-chief. That sure can’t be bad news. However, it would be nice to see how McCain stacks up against the other Republicans. Alas, Romney is the only one tested (fav/unfav only) and across the board, 49% of everyone has never heard of him.

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John McCain tanks in GOP Blogger poll

Make sure you cast your vote!


John McCain and the “surge”

Not another media word…

Yes, it’s another one and the great Senator John McCain is guilty of using it multiple times. Is the American public really that ignorant?

Last night, as I was flipping through all the major news networks, I couldn’t help but notice countless uses of the word “surge” to explain the 20,000 troops being sent to Iraq. I get sick of these words and the way the media uses them to portray a message or agenda. But in this case, it’s our good friend McCain who seems to be jumping on the “let’s try and use words to sooth public outcry” bandwagon.

I’m sick of his politics.

I couldn’t help but grind my teeth when I read the transcript for a speaking event John McCain recently did in Silicon Valley. The question asked was in regards to H-1B Visa’s.

McCain’s response:

The H-1B problem is caught up in this larger, emotional, traumatic national debate we’ve been having on immigration. Just listen to the talk shows. It’s an incredibly emotional issue. I understand why people are upset. We have to secure our border. That’s the obligation that every nation in the world has, but we also need to have a comprehensive solution to it, and part of that is temporary workers, which applies to agriculture as well as it does to high tech, and it also means we do something with the 12 million people who are already here as the result of failed federal policies. The great strength of America is because we’ve had a fresh infusion of new blood and vitality generation after generation, and that goes on today, and for us to somehow turn against that, I think, would be a disaster.

“That’s the obligation that every nation in the world has, but we also need to have a comprehensive solution to it, and part of that is temporary workers”

Come on Johnny, either we do have to secure the borders, or we don’t. If it’s an obligation then why the hell aren’t you doing it? And what does amnesty programs, such as yours, have to do with securing the border?


John McCain and Jeb Bush for 2008?

OK, when I first read the rumor that John McCain and Jeb Bush *might* be talking of running together for the nations top two offices, I kind of shrugged it off as just that, a rumor. But over the last 24 hours there have been a LOT of columns, stories and reports that seem to be building a solid case for the unconfirmed idea that Jeb Bush will run for vice President.

Personally, I think it would be a BAD idea for the McCain camp to make this decision. Then again, since I won’t be voting for McCain no matter who wins the GOP primary, so maybe it’s a good thing.


The McCain Doctrine

John Edwards found a catch phrase that we’ll probably be hearing a lot more often moving forward. Edwards, coined the term “McCain Doctrine” when referring to the John McCain troop increase proposal. It’s already showing up across the blogosphere and it will probably get media play in the very near future.

Why do these cool phrases and words have to come with the only thing I DO agree with McCain on?

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