A Quick Browse of Bills

February 19th, 2007

As part of our ongoing series, I have a look at some more bills coming up in our legislature.

SB97- At first glance I like this bill. It limits school administrator salaries to one and a half times the salary of the highest paid principal in the school district. I am all for getting the money out of the hands of the pencil pushers and the talking heads and into the hands of the people who shape our kids futures. Contrary to the belief of many liberals, we conservatives care deeply about the future of our kid’s educations. We just have the vision to see that many of our education funding problems can be solved without raising taxes.

SB96-This bill has about a snowball’s chance of passing, but I like it. It is a pretty complicated bill and I’m not sure if I understand all the wording, but I’ll give you what I get. It would reduce the amount of taxes we pay when we purchase a vehicle by half. It also streamlines the process for getting that money to our schools, so much less is spent on bureaucratic BS and more is spent on the schools. A tax cut and a spending cut rolled into one. Someone pinch me. I must be having some kind of a limited government wet dream.

AB93- This bill would exempt spouses of Nevada National Guard members killed on active duty from certain taxes. Anything we can do for the families who have sacrificed so much has my stamp of approval on it. I am also extremely happy to see so much bi-partisan support for this bill.

AB95- They should call this one the Ray Nagin bill. It would prevent government officials from confiscating lawfully possesed firearms in a state of emergency. This should be a no brainer. If all hell breaks loose, why should criminals be the only ones left with guns?

As always, there are a bunch more bills I haven’t read through yet. I am going cross eyed and starting to drool on myself (more than normal), so they will have to wait for another day. I do want to give an honorable mention to Senator Bob Beers. Pretty much everything that cuts or limits taxes or spending has Senator Beers’ name on it. Keep up the good work Bob!

A Quick Browse of Bills

February 14th, 2007

This will be an ongoing series as I get a chance to read through these bills.

SB 85- This is much like the PISTOL initiative. It would exclude economic development from eminant domain. This seems to be a pretty strong bi-partisan issue. I don’t know too many people who would be okay with losing their house to build a Wal-mart.

AB73- This bill would allow people to search the sex offender database by proximity to an address. Basically, the only way you can search for a sex offender currently is to know their name or enter a specific address. With this revision, you would be able to enter your own address and find all the sex offenders in your area. This should be another strong bi-partisan issue. I can’t imagine what type of a legislator seeks to protect sex offenders.

AB81- This bill greatly toughens the penalties for graffiti. I fully support this one. Taggers are a big problem facing Reno and Sparks. I lived in southern Califonia for years and didn’t see graffiti on the widespread basis we have it here. Let’s make sure when these kids get caught they pay enough they don’t want to do it again.

AB82- Eliminates the discrimination currently faced by financial institutions. Currently, financial institutions pay higher payroll tax and an additional branch tax. This bill would eliminate those taxes and put financial institutions on a level playing field with all other businesses.

I still have plenty more to look at, but as you can imagine, it is a very time consuming project. Stay tuned for more!

And Then There Was Silence

February 5th, 2007

It has become quite apparent to me that both Reno and Sparks city councils are treating me like an annoying little kid. You know, the old, if you ignore him he will go away method. In all fairness, I did get one response to my emails to the city council. Mayor Cashell did have his communications person contact me. Apparently they are too busy in elitist land deciding what is good for the voters against our will to take time to respond to a mere commoner like myself.

I tried their ignoring method with my cousins kid the other day. He kept poking me in the ribs to get a rise out of me, so I tried ignoring him. The thing is, I don’t have too many fun things for a 9 year old to do at my house. So he kept doing it. My point is, I really don’t have anything better to do; and I will keep pushing this issue.

Back to my story about being poked in the ribs. One kid was pretty darn hard to ignore. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be poked by 50 or 100 kids at the same time. That’s what I want to encourage you guys to do. If having your taxes raised is has got you fired up, I encourage you to make a phone call, write a letter, or, do what I did. Shoot an email. It will take you 2 minutes and it only takes 4 words. DON’T RAISE MY TAXES!

Letter to the City Councils Part 2

February 2nd, 2007
Dear City Council Member,

We have recently learned that you intend to move forward with your plan to ask the legislature to grant you the tax increase you seek to fund more police officers, despite the public plea that you tighten your fiscal belts and find sources for this money other than new taxes.

The Reno city council, in a recent letter, touted a 77% approval rate for building several new police stations in Reno in a citizens poll. What your poll failed to measure is what percentage of the population is willing to pay more for it.

In addition, you encouraged us, the voters, to look over your budgets. I was unable to locate the Sparks budget, but I found some very telling information in the Reno budget. You have consistently exceeded your budget on most projects you have taken on. Sometimes by more than 50%. Tax increases like this are typically directed to the general fund and distributed from there. Given your record of fiscal irresponsibility, how can we be sure these funds will in fact end up with our police officers and not with your next botched, over budget project?

We, the voters of Reno and Sparks, are respectfully requesting that both city councils hold special sessions at a time convienient for your voters to attend, so they we may discuss these issues as communities.


Todd Zuccato

Executive Director NICPAC

Eric Odom


Washoe County Citizens for Lower Taxes

I Don’t Understand Taxes

February 1st, 2007

At least, according to Dave Aiazzi. I don’t know if anyone else heard him tear into me on Bill Manders yesterday, but according to Mr. Aiazzi, the reason I am upset about him wanting to raise taxes is because I dont’ understand them. By the way Dave, the sales tax in Washoe County is 7.375%. Two folks that so intimately understand taxes, Cashell and Aiazzi, had no idea what the sales tax is in Washoe county. It wasn’t until the end of the third hour of Manders that a caller gave them the correct amount.

On a side note, Mr. Aiazzi also said he would have liked to have had this debate with me, but he wasn’t given the opportunity. Somebody should get in touch with the city council’s IT department, cause apparently no one ever showed Dave how to use his “reply” button on his email. Nor did he bother to come down from his elitist throne ask one of the dozens of news outlets who got my press release for my phone number. It was on there. In fact, Bill Manders read my press release outloud. That may have been a great opportunity to have asked for my contact information. Anyway, moving along.

As much as I hate to admit it, Mr. Aiazzi is right about taxes. I don’t understand them. I do, however, understand math. My mistake was thinking that since they both use numbers and mathmatical functions, they would be the same. Here’s an example.

All of the figures I am using for this example come from this RGJ article written back in 2002. It’s a little old, but it was the best info I could come up with.

When we talk about police levels, we talk about them as officers per 1000 residents. We are currently at about 1.8 officers per 1000 residents. We would like to be at about 2.5 per 1000, which is where we were 15 years ago. So let’s do some quick math.

Let’s say for a second, 15 years ago we had 1000 residents. The real number is obviously much higher, but let’s use 1000 to make the math easy. So we had 1000 residents and their 7.375% sales tax (which was actually lower then, but what the heck) paid for 2.5 cops. Now, over the next couple of years, that number doubled to 2000 residents. Mathimatically, the 7.375% sales tax that those extra 1000 residents paid should have paid for an extra 2.5 cops. This is where Mr. Aiazzi becomes correct; I don’t understand.

Because according to Mr. Aiazzi, we now need to increase taxes becuase even though 7.375% of the first 1000 paid for 2.5, 7.375% of the second 1000 is not enough to pay for an additional 2.5, and so we have to raise taxes. Makes perfect sense, right?

My Letter to the City Councils

January 30th, 2007

I felt compelled to speak up about the proposed tax increase that is posted below. The following was a letter addressed the members of both city councils and was distributed as a press release.

Dear City Council Member,
I am addressing you today on behalf of the Nevada Independent Conservatives political action committee. I read in the Reno Gazette Journal earlier today that both the Reno and Sparks city councils intend to ask our legislature for a city only sales tax increase to fund new police officers. While we understand the need more police officers, we would like to strongly discourage you from doing so.
This request sounds an awful lot like the same request you made on the November 7 election ballot. If my memory serves me, we gave you our answer then and it was a very clear “no”. Now it would appear that you have decided to circumnavigate the voters and go to the legislature. It would be my hope that the legislature would deny your request, since the voters have already denied it. We are asking you not to take it that far. We hope you will respect the will of the voters and find a different source of funds for the police officers you seek.
Todd Zuccato
Executive Director

Who Cares What the Voters Think?

January 30th, 2007

Apparently not the Reno or Sparks City Councils. According to the RGJ both councils intend to ask the legistlature for city only increases in our sales tax to fund more cops. I guess they don’t care much that voiced our opinion of that increase on November 7 and told them it stunk. Apparently we didn’t say it loud enough.


A Quick Browse of Bills

January 30th, 2007

I have a taken a quick look at some of the bills our Assembly and Senate will be discussing in the current session. Most of it is the usual BS that is pretty boring. But here are a couple I thought were important.

 SB29 Would put limits on protests at veteran’s cemetaries. I hope everyone votes yes on this. I don’t normally like new laws, but our vet’s families have earned to right to lay their loved ones to rest in peace.

SB42 Would allow cops to pull you over soley bassed on not wearing a seatbelt. Current law says you must be stopped for a different violation to recieve a seatbelt ticket. Just what we need. Our cops to spend more time protecting us from ourselves and less time protecting us from violent criminals. That should help solve our meth problem.

 Those were the only two that caught my eye off the bat, but I will be checking to keep up to date on the state legislature.

Looks Like I’m Late

January 29th, 2007

According the Review Journal, Gibbons appointed Las Vegas City Councilman Lawrence Weekly to the county commissioner position earlier today.

Stan Vaughan for AD 7

January 29th, 2007

I know that headline should have expired a couple months back, but Stan Vaughan has a second shot. Stan was the only Democrat NICPAC endorsed in the last election cycle. Stan signed the ATR tax payer pledge and is a pretty conservative Democrat. He lost a close race to Moose Arberry, the long time incumbent.

Well, now it looks as though Moose could be vacating his seat to take a county commissioner seat that was recently vacated. If I understand this correctly, that means that Governor Gibbons will now get to appoint someone to fill the vacant AD 7 seat. I would like to endorse Stan Vaughan for AD 7 and I hope Governor Gibbons will too.