Netherlands Tax Office

Wouldn’t you find it disconcerting that one of the most modern and expensive structures in your country was the central tax office?

Tuesday Link Love 09-18-07

Link Love

Politics in the Sphere

Ron Paul fans aren’t too happy with the way Washington Times SLAMMED them in a recent web post. Read the comments to see the backlash.

In order to prove a point about frivolous lawsuits, a state senator in Nebraska has filed a lawsuit against God. Also see Haemet.

Papers that lay out the plans for a U.S take over by Islamist extremists’ have floated into the public eye.

HillaryCare Returns….

You’ll love this. Just a few months after illegal immigrants were busted trying to plan terror on a US Military base, a dozen illegal aliens are arrested for illegally working on a Texas base. Can anyone say “do nothing congress?”

Speaking of illegal immigration, the DREAM Act we’ve been hearing about is a complete nightmare.

Velvet Hammer found a great story on Muslim humps. “My humps, my humps, my lovely prayer humps”

Regarding bad Republicans, it looks like we’re finally starting to rid ourselves of the stench.

Oh boy… ‘History’ Teacher Asks 14-Year-Olds to Renounce U.S. Citizenship

On the abortion topic, I think BCM has created one of the greatest internet debates known to man kind.

Odd News

Ever wonder why it isn’t a good idea to go boating with too much booze in the system? Solved.

This is a story for those of you who do not like taxes. A man who purchased toll road tokens in New Hampshire tried to use them after the state said they were no longer valid, and he ended up getting three days jail time for doing so.

Hot Air Quick Hits

When Jihad goes wrong. Wow! Just wow.

Funny! Barry Manilow booted from the view for demanding the conservative removed from the set while he performed.

Thursday Link Love 09-13-07

Link Love

If you haven’t yet seen the 9/11 budweiser commercial, make sure you check it out. It’s an oldie, but will forever remain a goodie.

As it turns out, the worst man in news, Keith Olbermann, is likely to be the brains behind the General “Betray Us” ad put out by

Political correctness once again runs rampant.

Wouldn’t you rather fly on Air Infidel?

Hot Air Quick Hits:

If you need a “feel good” moment, go watch Orrin Hatch spank the lefty nutroots. It’s pure gold.

Sam Adams Foundation to give away $35,000

Sam Adams Alliance

Our good friends over at the Sam Adams Foundation are running a great program aimed at shining the light on outstanding leadership and creativity.

The awards, dubbed “Sammies”, are made up a total cash pot of $35,000, and will be awarded to citizen leaders who are making effective change for more accountable and transparent government.

“We’re pleased to have this opportunity to recognize ‘Modern-Day Sam Adamses’ – the citizen leaders who are working hard to promote and defend liberty,” said Bob Costello, president of The Sam Adams Foundation. “We’re looking forward to learning more about local efforts and the creative ways people spread the word on important issues like government accountability and transparency.

“The Sammies” include awards for citizen campaigns, creative events, blogging, and videos. In my opinion, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing the conservative movement Read more…