Killer of Christians in Colorado

UPDATE 3: From the via Slapstick Politics:

The gunman was shot and killed by a female member of the church’s armed security staff, the source said. Four people were shot, and the source did not know their conditions or whether the shooter was one of the four. A SWAT team was searching the building for an explosive device, but the source could not confirm any details. 

Now, I’ve got to get to bed. Please relay any updates you find as I’ll be working all day tomorrow. It is also now known that a teenage girl was killed in the CO Springs shootings. May God comfort them.

UPDATE 2: I’m watching Fox News and the report is that New Life Church in Colorado Springs has armed guards, and it was an armed guard that shot the killer. Thank God! Thank God they did not have to wait on police to arrive!

Rocky Mountain News has the story:

A gunman opened fire in the parking lot of a Colorado Springs church today, hitting four people, the church’s pastor said.

The conditions of the people shot outside the New Life Church were not known, El Paso County Sheriff’s Lt. Lari Sevene said.

Lance Coles, a pastor at New Life Church, told The Associated Press he received a report that a man was shooting at people in the church parking lot and that the gunman may have entered the church shortly after 1 p.m.

Police believe the shooter may be “down” inside the church’s main sanctuary.

Officers said one person was detained in the investigation, but wouldn’t confirm a statement from a church official that the lone gunman was dead. Hundreds remained locked in church buildings as police conducted what they said was a precautionary search for additional gunmen, police Lt. Fletcher Howard said.

It was unknown what condition the victims were in or how many were shot. New Life Associate Pastor Rob Brendle said there were fewer than 10 victims.

So much missing information in the entire story. Please let me know if you hear anything new regarding this murderous spree.

It was not immediately known whether the shootings were related to an earlier shooting about 70 miles away in Arvada. There, two people died and two were wounded early today when a gunman opened fire in a dormitory at a missionary training center on the campus of Faith Bible Chapel.

Of course, the article also mentions the church in CO is the same one Ted Haggard pastored and doesn’t fail to list the offenses against him. Sorry, that ticks me off and has NOTHING to do with a killer shooting people, possibly in two different CO locations. Just the media getting their jabs in. Freaking RETARDED!

Is CO a conceal and carry state? Are the police responsible for the downed gunman inside the New Life Church sanctuary, or an armed civilian? So many questions … please, bring any updates here as you find them out. Also, link your sources. In the meantime, if you are a prayer, pray for the victims of this terrible ordeal and their families.

Here’s the link regarding the first shooting.

UPDATE: Slapstick Politics has the story going too. They even have a moonbat commenter over there:

So the shooter killed only two and wounded two others. Too bad he didn’t have more time to get some more. Religious missionaries are very legitimate targets since they stick their noses into other people’s private religious affairs. America needs more shootings like this in the future to put the religious fanatics and loonies in their place.

Victims: From YWAM site.

It is difficult for me to imagine the degree of hate the commenter above has. The victims are good people with a heart to help others. The commenter has a black heart full of evil.

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I Report, You Decide:

Well, actually the AP is reporting at, but I am asking your opinion on the matter.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The Hershey Co. said Friday it is considering changes to the design of a mint thathershey.jpg Philadelphia police say looks nearly identical to a tiny heat-sealed bag used to sell powdered street drugs.

Apparently the street thug drug dealers have the market on the design?

Hershey at first rejected the police claims. “The product is clearly labeled with product identification, ingredients and nutritional information and is clearly branded as an Ice Breakers item,” the company said in a statement earlier this week.

Ice Breakers Pacs, which first hit store shelves last month, are nickel-sized dissolvable pouches with a powdered sweetener inside. The pouches come in blue or orange and bear the Ice Breakers logo.

Police warn of the danger:

The firm said Friday the mints were never intended to resemble anything — but the similarity was so striking that longtime veterans of Philadelphia’s police narcotics squad were fooled when they saw the mints.

Philadelphia police Chief Inspector William Blackburn last week said the mints glorify the drug trade. And he warned that the resemblance could have consequences if, for example, a child familiar with the mints swallows a heat-sealed bag of cocaine.

Well, what about those unfortunate children familiar with the cocaine packets accidentally swallowing a packet of ice-breakers?

“If Hershey is considering changes, that’s a good thing, that’s the prudent thing to do,” Blackburn said Friday. “And that’s what we wanted — we wanted to prevent a tragedy.”

Maybe if we sealed the freaking border and stopped imprisoning border agents trying to do their job, their might not be so many little cocaine packets floating around? Just an idea.

Seriously, there can be a variety of views on this and I’d like to hear yours. I mean, I’m a little naive to tiny heat-sealed bags used to sell powdered street drugs. Is Hershey as naive as myself?

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Comment of the Week!

Ah ha! I didn’t forget! (Mostly because I set an alert to remind myself with Outlook and am writing this Thursday night prior to hitting the sack.) :)

Yay!! It’s Friday!!! Always remember, EVERYONE is a winner that comments at Sunflower Desert (except for libtards).

Anyway, I thought it would be fun for the winner to be our favorite atheist elephant commenting on my Creflo Dollar tells Senator Grassley where he can put it post:

Sorry, the Constitution does not protect vulgarity, pornography, and the murder of children.
Ditto that. The First Amendment protects speech, not expression; a reasonable interpretation excludes porn. “Speech,” in 1790, did not include pornography.

The Constitution leaves matters of health, safety, and welfare to the States. If the people elect legislators who outlaw abortion, then you can’t whine and complain that it’s just not fair that you have to be pregnant after having unprotected sex.

My rant, by the way, extends to the estate tax. If you are smart enough to make your money, then you can decide if your kids are smart enough to spend it wisely; you can decide if your kids are fools, but hey, it’s your money and you can waste it; or you can decide if you want it to go to charity. I don’t see how the government should be involved in that.

(The worst part is, if you’ll permit an off-topic rant, that the estate tax hits really early. Imagine parents of a mentally and physically disabled kid. $2 million isn’t enough to keep that kid going for the rest of his life. Then there’s wealthy parents with a lot of kids - once you’re done splitting the pie eight or nine or ten ways, there’s not much, but hey, it’s still “a lot of money and really really unfair” so the gov’t taxes it.

The nation was founded on capitalistic principles, among others. If you don’t like it, go over to Russia or China or Romania, and enjoy the equality there - everyone is equally POOR.

Remember how to play:

  • Go back to your own blog and find your favorite comment that someone left you
  • Copy it and bring it back here and post it in the comments of this post
  • Please feel free to link back to your blog /post where the comment took place and also the commenter’s blog.
  • Okay — please play! Show some love!
  • Keep in mind that any of these rules can be broken — they’re only guidelines


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Christian Ministry Rebuffs Senate Finances Probe

Good for Reverend Creflo Dollar! Sorry folks, I’ve kept silent on this issue long enough. I happen to enjoy many of the ministries who have been probed by the invasive Senator Grassley. I think Creflo has answered correctly.

crflo.jpgA lawyer for preacher Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church International in suburban Atlanta has asked Sen. Charles Grassley to either refer the matter to the IRS or get a subpoena, according to a letter from Dollar’s attorney obtained Wednesday by the AP.

Continuing from the article:

Grassley emphasized the other five still have time. The senator also reiterated that his probe “has nothing to do with church doctrine” and is strictly concerned with making sure the tax-exempt groups are following the law.

Well, if that’s the case, how is this Grassley’s or the US Senate’s business? Wrong agency. Creflo has it right — the IRS should be handling this. You would think someone basically inviting the IRS to take a look at things is on the up and up and most likely have their T’s crossed and their I’s dotted.

Also, many of you may take issues with the Gospel of Prosperity, so to speak. However, I see no where in the Word indicating that God wants us poor. To me, prosperity is clearly included in the Gospel, but I’m unwilling to debate it because it doesn’t matter to me if you agree or not. I think it’s obvious that it is impossible to spread the Gospel without money. These particular ministries have huge followings or congregations. When someone is the CEO of a private business, they earn a large salary. I see know reason why men and women of God shouldn’t earn the same. Not to mention, these ministries have huge overhead and employ hundreds of people per ministry.

You can save your holier than thous they’re in the ministry and shouldn’t flaunt their money speeches. If you don’t like it, don’t give to them. It’s a free country, people can support whatever ministries they choose. Oh, but they take advantage of the elderly and those on fixed incomes?! Phooey! Gambling casinos that send buses to retirement centers the day social security checks arrive are taking advantage of the elderly on fixed incomes. Jump on that bandwagon.

Most of the people who are whining about people getting taken advantage of are selfish idiots upset that someone in their family gives to a particular ministry instead of giving them the money.

Oh, and if you think I’m denying that there are ministries doing things wrong financially, you would be incorrect. I realize those situations exist, and I know God can deal with it. He’s big enough. Christians attacking other Christians can become ridiculous. Many times, these same denominational ministries doing the attacking and finger pointing are the exact same denominational ministries who are apologizing to the freaking muslim community for offending them; calling that vile cult the religion of peace. I’m one that believes we should choose our battles a little more wisely.

Also, critics never look at all the wonderful things these ministries do. Kenneth Copeland ministries played a huge role in Louisiana after Katrina. Did the MSM cover that? I think not.

That felt good. :) I feel liberated! Now, where’s my checkbook … anyone standing up for their Constitutional rights such as Reverend Creflo Dollar makes me just want to write a check!  :)  Join in if you feel the Spirit move you!

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Gunman Kills Eight, Then Kills Himself, at Omaha Shopping Mall

We need to pray for the people in Omaha — especially victims and relatives of victims.

UPDATE: Very strange coincidence. I heard Debora Maruca-Kovac, a surgical nurse at Nebraska Medical Center, being interviewed by some guy on CNN before we left for church tonight. Funny thing, she forgot to mention that, “Oh by the way, the kid who shot these people today has been living with my family over the last year.” The CNN guy had no clue when he had her on the phone earlier. Typical homicidal maniac:

Though he had his troubles, Hawkins was gentle and loved animals, Maruca-Kovac said.

But he also had a drinking problem and would occasionally smoke marijuana in his bedroom, she said. Hawkins liked to listen to music and play video games “normal teenager stuff,” she said.

“He was a very helpful young man, but he was quiet,” Maruca-Kovac said. “He didn’t cause a lot of trouble. He tried to help out all the time. He was very thankful for everything. He wasn’t a violent person at all.”

Call me cynical, but I don’t believe a word of it.

UPDATE: HotAir has a thread going on the incident

UPDATE 2: I enjoy this blog and PTG has a great post regarding this tragedy. Sample:

I don’t understand why any self-respecting citizen would let a store or mall policy take away their natural right to self defense by force of arms, whether such right is deemed guaranteed by the US Constitution or not. I‘ll not be reduced to “huddling in a corner” as David Codrea at War on Guns describes today’s victim’s plight.

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Teddy Bear Time


Many friends have been blogging about the British school teacher who let her students name a teddy bear muhammad.

Queen of Swords minces no words whatsoever: Here and here. Who can’t love this?:

I’m tempted to name my ass Mohammed and invite these filthy savages to kiss it.


The author of this article worries that the reputation of Islam is at stake. Buddy, I think that ship has sailed: the reputation of Islam is pretty much shit, and no group ever deserved it more.

Velvethammer is also passionate about the cause. Not to mention, she seems to know the cause of the insanity:

Perhaps it could be partially linked to the long history of inbreeding…

But, where do the feminists stand on the issue? Well, over at Newsbusters, it appears that the scum sucking sluts over at The View blame the school teacher — for not respecting the culture. Yeah, that makes sense your freaking idiot morons:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Now in the Sudan, there’s a British teacher who is possibly going to be stoned or lashed.

JOY BEHAR: A woman.

GOLDBERG: A woman, yeah. Because, in her class they had some teddy bears and she, one of the kids wanted to name his kid- his teddy bear Muhammad and she said “fine.” Apparently, other children complained to their parents, which is how it ended up in the hands of the religious leaders, and the religious leaders are very very upset. Now, do you think that they’re-

GLORIA ESTEFAN: They arrested her.

GOLDBERG: Yeah, they arrested her. It is a huge thing.

BEHAR: There are a lot of Muhammads, though, in that part of the world.

GOLDBERG: Yes, but they’re people, and not animals.

BEHAR: Right, but this isn’t even an animal. This is a stuffed toy.

GOLDBERG: Yes, it’s a stuffed toy.

SHERRI SHEPHERD: I think it’s like it’s sacrilegious to name a stuffed toy Muhammad. But you know, you would think that with her being in Sudan, she would know the rules and customs. Because I know I performed stand up in Turkey, and they gave me a big thick packet on the customs, and what you could and could not do, and how you would offend people. So I’m surprised that she didn’t know it might be offensive.

GOLDBERG: Yeah, because you’d think if you’re going overseas, I mean, we had this discussion yesterday about people coming to America and learning the customs and knowing what is cool, and what isn’t cool. But I find that maybe we are not- and I say we just as European and American, we’re not as anxious to learn the customs before we go places. It’s just one of the reasons we’re called the ugly Americans.

Why is it that no one is thinking of the poor Teddy Bear having to live with the name of a false prophet and real pedophile?

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Video: John Stossel Links Gun Control to Higher Gun Rates

Hat tip to Ian Schwartz. Go figure, stricter gun control results in higher crime. Shhh … don’t tell the libtards or the Brady Bunch:

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Who Will It Be Now?

nebraska.jpgBreaking News: Callahan fired:

Saturday morning, one day after completing Nebraska’s worst season in 46 years, Athletic Director Tom Osborne met with Bill Callahan and his staff at the Osborne Athletic Complex, delivering the news and ending six weeks of uncertainty about Callahan’s future as head coach.

“It isn’t wins and losses, it’s how you do it,” Osborne said this morning.

“I really appreciate the effort these guys put into it. I was hopingcallahan_into_every_life_a_little_rain_must_fall.jpg yesterday we’d have a different outcome than what we did.”

Regarding a successor, “In the next few days, I’ll try to talk to four or five people and try to move this thing along,” Osborne said.

“The Kansas game was a big turning point; that was a big loss,” he added. “The Kansas game was certainly a major factor. I was really pleased with the effort against Texas. The turnovers were a big factor against Kansas and certainly a big factor against Colorado.” Read the full article at the Omaha World Herald

kansas.gifWell, tonight KU plays Missouri for the Big 12 Championship. Since NE isn’t a factor, I wish the best for the Jayhawks.

UPDATE: I thought it was early for the Big 12 Championship and Bob assures me that it is. Kansas and Missouri are playing to see who will play OU for the Big 12 Championship. As much as I respect the Sooners, I’m still pulling for the Jayhawks to take the Big 12. So, tonight could be a first step towards that. Thanks Bob!

UPDATE 2: NU Football: Gill, Pelini emerge as coaching candidates
Not that I get a vote, but Turner Gill is awesome. In reality, it might be easier just to get someone you don’t like to coach at NE. This way, if they hit the road, no hard feelings.

UPDATE 3: No2Liberals has the scoop!

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It’s Called Christmas!

Just a little fun for the Christmas season. It is the most wonderful time of the year. :)

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Fort Collins Keeps Christmas Displays

Breaking news from the Denver Post:

FORT COLLINS — This city will not be remembered as the one that booted Christmas, city council members said tonight.

The council voted 6-1 to ignore ideas from a city task force that called for an “inclusive” holiday celebration that would replace traditional colored lights with only white lights on the outside of city buildings.

Instead, the council said old-time Christmas symbols - wreaths, decorated trees and colored lights - will remain next to city buildings.

A new multi-cultural display, however, will be erected at the city’s museum.

grinch.jpgMayor Doug Hutchinson said Fort Collins earned a Grinch-like reputation because of the task force’s suggestions to de-emphasize Christmas during the holidays.

“This will probably have a residual effect on the city,” Hutchinson said. “But this is still a great, inclusive city.”

What residual effect would that be Mr. Hutchinson? Do tell.

Over 40 residents spoke out against the Holiday Display Task Force’s recommendations - which included using only white lights, secular winter symbols and unadorned garlands of greenery on city buildings.

The all-volunteer task force, which included clergy, had called for an emphasis on multi-cultural displays and an overall celebration of the winter season rather than a particular holiday.

Many who took turns at the microphone during a two-hour public hearing criticized the task force’s recommendations as diminishing Christmas.

“Basically, the city subtly… removed Christmas and replaced it with a pagan holiday called the winter holiday,” said resident Jerry Nettles.

“I don’t celebrate winter.”

badge.gifAt least the sheriff has it right:

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden also challenged the task force, saying he would erect a Christmas treesheriff.jpg outside of the sheriff’s administration building on Dec. 1 and invited residents to decorate with Christmas symbols.

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