Teddy Bear Time


Many friends have been blogging about the British school teacher who let her students name a teddy bear muhammad.

Queen of Swords minces no words whatsoever: Here and here. Who can’t love this?:

I’m tempted to name my ass Mohammed and invite these filthy savages to kiss it.


The author of this article worries that the reputation of Islam is at stake. Buddy, I think that ship has sailed: the reputation of Islam is pretty much shit, and no group ever deserved it more.

Velvethammer is also passionate about the cause. Not to mention, she seems to know the cause of the insanity:

Perhaps it could be partially linked to the long history of inbreeding…

But, where do the feminists stand on the issue? Well, over at Newsbusters, it appears that the scum sucking sluts over at The View blame the school teacher — for not respecting the culture. Yeah, that makes sense your freaking idiot morons:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Now in the Sudan, there’s a British teacher who is possibly going to be stoned or lashed.

JOY BEHAR: A woman.

GOLDBERG: A woman, yeah. Because, in her class they had some teddy bears and she, one of the kids wanted to name his kid- his teddy bear Muhammad and she said “fine.” Apparently, other children complained to their parents, which is how it ended up in the hands of the religious leaders, and the religious leaders are very very upset. Now, do you think that they’re-

GLORIA ESTEFAN: They arrested her.

GOLDBERG: Yeah, they arrested her. It is a huge thing.

BEHAR: There are a lot of Muhammads, though, in that part of the world.

GOLDBERG: Yes, but they’re people, and not animals.

BEHAR: Right, but this isn’t even an animal. This is a stuffed toy.

GOLDBERG: Yes, it’s a stuffed toy.

SHERRI SHEPHERD: I think it’s like it’s sacrilegious to name a stuffed toy Muhammad. But you know, you would think that with her being in Sudan, she would know the rules and customs. Because I know I performed stand up in Turkey, and they gave me a big thick packet on the customs, and what you could and could not do, and how you would offend people. So I’m surprised that she didn’t know it might be offensive.

GOLDBERG: Yeah, because you’d think if you’re going overseas, I mean, we had this discussion yesterday about people coming to America and learning the customs and knowing what is cool, and what isn’t cool. But I find that maybe we are not- and I say we just as European and American, we’re not as anxious to learn the customs before we go places. It’s just one of the reasons we’re called the ugly Americans.

Why is it that no one is thinking of the poor Teddy Bear having to live with the name of a false prophet and real pedophile?

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16 Responses to “Teddy Bear Time”

  1. 1 Velvethammer


    Thanks for the link.:)

    “Buddy, I think that ship has sailed: the reputation of Islam is pretty much shit, and no group ever deserved it more.”

    Laughed out loud at that one. Right on!

  2. 2 Tammi

    Hi Velvet,

    Well, the inbreeding comment was spot on … who wouldn’t link that?

    Yes, the Queen of Swords has a way with words too. :)

  3. 3 Defiant_Infidel

    “…Yeah, because you’d think if you’re going overseas, I mean, we had this discussion yesterday about people coming to America and learning the customs and knowing what is cool, and what isn’t cool.

    Yeah, right… where is my big rubber BS stamp???! GRRRR!!!!

    It wasn’t “one” of the kids teddy bears… it was one teddy bear the entire class owned. They voted together.

    And no kid complained to their parents. Another teacher named Sara Awal turned her fellow teacher in…. *sweet*

    The punishment is imprisonment and 40 lashes, which became 90 lashes after “review”. No stoning has been proposed by the monkey court… thus far.

    Obviously, Goldberg doesn’t have a remote clue as to the very stark differences. Lashes hurt and scar, but stoning involves being buried up to your neck and having the towns folk gleefully bash your brains in with rocks. Ya’ know, Stupid?… extreme pain punishment vs. death punishment? Maybe Whoopie (who the hell listens for news from someone so self-named?) would be reassured to know the local nice towns people she is so quick to huddle beside now are all in favor of beheading the teach afterall…

    I thought doing everything here in America was “cool” according to the liberal doctrine???

    I thought WE as Americans were supposed to “embrace the multi-culturalism???”

    Suddenly, it’s A-OK when it becomes convenient to turn it around and feign being on the side of assimilation support status to abandon one of their own (who surely is on their liberal leftwing side… why else does a white woman goes to the fricken’ Sudan, home which spawned Osama bin Laden’s madness??? Who’d a thunk there’d be ‘extweeemists’ there???).

    And doesn’t that deep, pycho-babble diatribe of theirs just fascinate and leave you awestruck with their wisdom? Those two faced, cellophane, shallow fricken’ pond scum make me want to hurl chips. And look at the legions of vacuum heads that watch them daily!! Hildebeast voters, et al.

    Where the hell is my blood pressure medication???

  4. 4 Velvethammer

    Yeah we in the West have figured out the whole incestuous marrying of first cousins out long ago. In fact it is against the law and rightfully so. But don’t dare name a teddy bear after ‘ol mo.
    Where is the the logic? The common sense? A sign of civilization? A (true) sense of right and wrong? A level of morality?
    Pfft.. My Momma did not raise no fool. Those qualities do not exist.

    When they cease screaming in the streets each time their widdle feeling get hurt, demanding the death of the guilty party & indiscriminately murdering innocent civilians, I may (no promises) change my mind. But not until then.

  5. 5 Kevin

    “…the scum sucking sluts over at The View…”

    But you meant no disrespect, right? ;)

    I’m pleased to see you doing your part to insult islam! To all jihadis: Kill in your god’s name, and expect to get ridiculed and humiliated while our military picks you off one by one.

    “Buddy, I think that ship has sailed” Hah! True!

  6. 6 theobromophile

    I miss my best friend. :)


    Yes, one should be familiar with the customs and traditions of a culture. That way, you don’t offend people. Offended people do things like not invite you back to dinner, which makes your life a little lonelier and less pleasant.

    Offence does not justify physical harm. Sure, naming a bear “Mohammed” might not have been smart, but 1. it’s the most common name out there and 2. stupidity isn’t a crime. I mean, we all joke that it should be, but the implementation of that principle is really barbaric.

  7. 7 Kevin

    Tammi, why aren’t you and your daughter all over this? This story has ‘Wyoming Syndicate’ written all over it.

  8. 8 Tammi

    Hi DI,

    Yeah, I had read somewhere about it being another teacher that complained about the Teddy Bear naming.

    Not to mention, we know how everyone conforms to the culture here in the US. That must be why there are places where you can’t even get a freaking job unless you are bi-lingual. You’d think that wouldn’t be necessary if people coming here respected our culture? Go figure.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  9. 9 Tammi

    Hi Velvet,
    Yes … those people are savages. People can try and sugarcoat it all they want, but they are no more than inbred barbarians.

  10. 10 Tammi

    Hi Bridget,

    It’s nice to be up and running back in the blogosphere!

    That would make too much sense; someone offends you and you simply stop associating with them. Even that could be considered a little harsh. But these savages getting offended at Teddy Bears … I think we all know that the Teddy Bear is innocent, they just look for excuses to spill blood. That’s just the nature of blood thirsty savages.

  11. 11 Tammi

    Hey Kevin,

    Ummm … yeah, I actually meant lots of disrespect. I was trying to think of something really mean I could call them without cussing. I think it worked pretty well?

    As for that link, where have I been? I need to check into that. Thanks for sending it.

  12. 12 John

    I was thinking of rescuing the ugliest dog I could find in the shelter and naming it Muhammad. But then I thought, why would I insult a dog like that?

  13. 13 Tammi

    Good point John. I feel sorry for the poor little teddy bear being stuck with such a vile filthy name.

  14. 14 Sam Pierce

    Did the teddy bear come up with “revelations” from Allah based on its personal desires at any given moment? If so, it may have been appropriately named.

    Also if it was really dirty and hadn’t been washed in a year, the name might fit.

  15. 15 theobromophile

    Actually, Sam, they named it “Mohammed” because it comes with a bloody axe with bits of beheaded people on it, and it tried to marry one of the girls in the class.

    Did I say that?

  16. 16 Aurora

    I’m tempted to name my ass Mohammed and invite these filthy savages to kiss it.

    Dang I wish I’d said that!!

    Nice roundup of comments, Tammi. I got a few laughs out of that. Will be laughing even more when that poor woman is safely on a plane out of that hole.

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