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Writeprint- Cyber Jihad Analysis Tool

November 25th, 2007 · 3 Comments


Cyber jihadists BEWARE! In the war of the survival of the fittest you will fail miserably! For it takes more than a savage blood lust, which by the way is all you have going for you. Not a good thing unless you are a member of the animal kingdom. What am I saying? That is exactly who and what you are. I’d put my money on superior mental strength versus a brain washed islam infused semi comatose state any day of the week.

New tool automates analysis of jihad sites

By Arthur H. Rotstein

Associated Press
TUCSON, Ariz. - The quivering images and militant writings are frightening: an exploding Humvee; a lab technician making explosives, step by step; and “A guide to kill Americans in Saudi Arabia.”

Tens of thousands of Web pages are now devoted to terrorist propaganda. On the surface, the messages and videos reveal little about their creators. But programmers and writers leave clues: the words they choose, their punctuation and syntax, and the way they code attachments and Web links.

Lab director Hsinchun Chen hopes Dark Web will crimp what he calls “al-Qaeda University on the Web,” the mass of Web sites where potential terrorists learn their trade. Experts said they were not aware of any comparable effort, though some said the project might have only limited applications.

The project in the university’s Artificial Intelligence Lab will not identify people outside cyberspace, “because that involves civil liberties,” Chen said, preferring to let law enforcement and intelligence analysts take over from there. Instead, it will help identify messages with the same author and reveal links that are not obvious.

“Our tool will help them I.D. the high-risk, radical-opinion leaders in cyberspace,” Chen said. A few agencies are on the verge of using some of his team’s techniques, he said, but he would not name them.

Dark Web’s software, which Chen calls Writeprint, samples 480 factors to identify whether the same people are posting to multiple radical forums. It can analyze everything from a fragment of an e-mail to videos depicting U.S. soldiers blown up in Humvees and fuel tankers.

From Fingerprint to Writeprint (pdf)

From Fingerprint to Writeprint

Fingerprint-based identification has been the oldest biometric technique successfully
used in conventional crime investigation. The unique, immutable patterns of a fingerprint, i.e.,
the pattern of ridges and furrows as well as the minutiae points, can help a crime investigator
infer the identities of suspects.

However, circumstances have changed since the emergence and rapid proliferation of
cybercrime. Generally, cybercrime includes Internet fraud, computer hacking/network
intrusion, cyber piracy, spreading of malicious code, and so on. Cyber criminals post online
messages over various Web-based channels to distribute illegal materials,
Moreover, international criminals and terrorist organizations such as Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda use online messages as one of their major communication media. Since people are not usually required to provide their real identity in cyberspace, the anonymity makes identity tracing a critical problem in
cybercrime investigation. This problem is further complicated by the sheer amount of cyber
users and activities.



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  • 1 Angel // Nov 25, 2007 at 10:29 pm

    what a great piece Velvet…poor jiiiiiiiihadis..what will they attempt next……..pffftt!

  • 2 Butch // Nov 27, 2007 at 3:07 pm


    I didn’t get the tb… I’ll manually ping…

  • 3 Velvet Hammer // Nov 27, 2007 at 3:36 pm

    Ok thanks Butch! :D

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